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RT SalesMap – Sugar 10 Release!


  • Sugar 7.11.0 to 10.1.0


  • RT SalesTrips module. Create a Trip from there by attaching Contacts, Leads, and Accounts.
  • Compatibility with RT SalesMap mobile app(Android and IOS).
  • List of non-geocoded records in RT SalesMap modules in Dashlets.
  • Fixed license plans.
  • All configurations on a single page.
  • Tab for troubleshooting in RT SalesMap settings page.
  • Made latitude and longitude fields auditable.
  • Generate notification in CRM when any error related to Google Maps API occurs in the Geocoding scheduler.
  • Proper alerts messages for different errors and notifications.


  • Unable to export a large number of pins from the map.
  • Unsaved filters are not working in the RT SalesMap module.
  • Saved filters are not working properly on page refresh.

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