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A majority of businesses do not utilize their CRM to its full potential which often leads to decreased productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. To reap the full benefits from your CRM system, it is best to seek help from a professional service provider who has significant experience with CRM and can help maximize the utility your business receives from it.

As Salesforce Certified Cloud Consultants, we design, implement and deploy solutions that are robust and fit your exact business processes with the use of Salesforce Cloud applications. We help companies get a complete 360-degree view of their sales cycle, identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency and reduce costs. We have complete expertise over planning solutions that optimize the Salesforce Cloud functionality and streamline your business processes to get you the desired ROI on your Salesforce Implementation and are thus fully equipped to provide you with tailored business and technology solutions.


How We Help

Salesforce Training

With our extensive knowledge of the Salesforce Platform, we understand the common challenges faced by Salesforce customers and implement solutions in advance so that you can focus exclusively on your business while we take care of your CRM needs. To add to the convenience, we also provide Salesforce Training to train Salesforce users to acquaint them with all the analytics and metrics they can use to take their Sales and Marketing to new heights.

Industry Experience

Furthermore, our industry expertise is unparalleled as we have vast experience in tailoring unique solutions for businesses belonging to a wide variety of industry verticals. With over 600 satisfied clients all over the world, we have been successfully providing various services including Salesforce Integration, customization and data migration.

Salesforce Configuration

Every business has distinct needs and we chart out their Sales scenarios and customize their Salesforce platform in a way that reflects their process workflows. This includes Sales productivity enhancement, opportunity management and forecasting capabilities which your business needs to outperform your competitors. By leveraging the Salesforce platform and an iterative delivery model, we help businesses work smarter and deliver value to their organizations quickly.

Salesforce add-ons

Salesforce add-ons are plug and play solutions that help extend its functionality and add value to your business processes and efforts. Our experts can help you decide which third-party add-ons would prove optimal for you based on your unique needs and preferences.

Salesforce Licensing

We can help you choose the most suitable Salesforce Pricing and License option according to the size and scale of your business operations and ambitions. Our consultants will skillfully gather and thoroughly analyze your requirements to ensure you get the most out of your CRM platform.

Our Expertise

Rolustech has extensive expertise in the following Salesforce Cloud Platforms.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is an all-inclusive automation juggernaut that lets you manage all of your Sales processes swiftly. It’s emphasis on the customer journey, customer insights, and sales visualization makes it an effective tool for Sales teams. You can use the Salesforce Sales Cloud to share sales insights and strategies to maximize your Sales efforts.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a one-stop solution for effective customer support and management. Powered with all the necessary tools to exponentially increase your customer support functions, the Salesforce Service Cloud helps you put your best foot forward when it comes to customer support and allows you to maintain excellent customer service.

Community Cloud

ESalesforce Community Cloud is a hub that connects developers, users, and administrators to share insights and data. We at Rolustech provide solutions for Salesforce Community Cloud depending on the needs of your business.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the one stop solution to all your marketing needs. Gather insights from your customer data and behaviors to make meaningful decisions to drive your ROI. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you monitor and manage all of your marketing needs and activities in line with Salesforce best practices.

Our Salesforce Services

From the initial consultation to Salesforce Customization, implementation, support & training, we take care of the complete project lifecycle and ensure that your business remains up to date with the latest trends and automation in the Salesforce Platform so that you get the maximum value out of your CRM. We help you provide better service to your customers and close more deals by bringing objectivity, strategic planning, technical mastery and effective use of CRM technology. We are aware of the needs, problems, and aspirations of our clients and strive unrelentingly to provide high-quality Salesforce products and services to forge long-term relationships with our clients.

Q. Which Salesforce Cloud edition is right for my business?

Salesforce Lightning Essentials: Out-of-the-box CRM for up to 5 users starts at $25/user/month. Also includes access to Trailhead, Einstein, and the Salesforce AppExchange.
Salesforce Lightning Professional: Essentials + Unlimited users, marketing campaign management, contracts, and order along with accurate sales forecasts and customizable dashboards. $75/user/month
Salesforce Lightning Enterprise: Professional + Workflow automations, deeper customization, expansive integrations and more. Starts at  $150/user/month.
Salesforce Lightning Unlimited: Enterprise + unlimited online training, over 100 admin services, and 24/7 toll-free support. Starts at $300/user/month.


Q. What is Salesforce Consulting?

Salesforce Consultants help design, implement, and deploy solutions that meet your exact business needs for an improved ROI and productivity. Rolustech is a Certified Salesforce Cloud Consultant and can help you find the solution you need.


Q. I don’t know what my exact CRM requirements are. Can Rolustech help me with that?

Yes. Rolustech offers a free business analysis session to discuss your requirements and after that session, if our analysts feel like you don’t have a clear set of requirements, we are willing to conduct a complete analysis of your current system as part of a phase zero of the project to produce a set of written requirements for your CRM.


Q. What is the free business analysis session?

The business analysis session involves discussing your CRM requirements at length to determine the scope of the project and how our expertise can be leveraged to provide you with the best possible solution for your needs.


Q. How does Salesforce consultancy help?

Getting Salesforce consultancy means you can have experts guage all of your business needs and design the best implementation for you so you don’t have to worry about making sure your system covers all of your needs.


Q. Does Rolustech provide consultancy together with development services?

Yes, we take into account all your business needs and provide you customized solutions for your Salesforce development requirements. As the project goes on, our Salesforce Certified consultants will help you at each step.


Q. What does a Salesforce Consultant do?

A Salesforce Consultant helps with the seamless usage of the Salesforce platform by training employees, planning ahead of time and ensuring that companies yield the maximum return on their Salesforce investment.


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