Salesforce Cloud

CRM services by Salesforce exist independently as categories. Each of these categories serve as a platform for particular CRM functions and collectively make up the Salesforce Cloud.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud by Salesforce is the hub for Sales related CRM activities. Sales Cloud offers a consolidated view of the entire sales process, with deep insights of the customer journey. Multiple device functionality lets you monitor team performance and sales process from any device anywhere. Increase the productivity of your Sales team with the state-of-the-art UI that provides a 360 degree view of your customer with Predictive Lead Scoring, Automated Activity Capture, and Lightning Dialer elements. The Sales Cloud comes with Salesforce Einstein functionality baked in, giving you the ability to fetch the data from the sales process through Artificial Intelligence. Numerous tools and workflows along with back-end connectivity with social media platforms help create a personalized sales experience for your customers. Automated CPQ features and AppExchange integrations serve as the icing on the cake, making Sales Cloud the perfect Sales platform for all Sales and Customer Acquisition needs.

The Sales Cloud provides:

  • Account and Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Data (
  • Visual Workflows
  • Files Sync and Share

Salesforce Service Cloud

Support Services have turned into an integral business component with the advent of the Subscription era. Make use of the Salesforce Service Cloud to give your customers an effective personalized experience. The Salesforce Service Cloud comes with clever features powered by Artificial Intelligence that bring the right information to your Salesforce Support agents, monitor customer behaviors and predict their actions. The Service Cloud takes customer support and interaction to a whole new level with a standardized dashboard and Telephony Integration. Strengthen your Customer Support team with Salesforce Service Cloud to help them track customer orders, history, cases and more in one place.

The Service Cloud provides:

  • Lightning Service Console
  • Case Management
  • Social Customer Service
  • Asset and Order Management
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Process Automation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Bring order to your marketing efforts and pull them off life support with Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. Make the most of Marketing Cloud tools to target your marketing efforts with the help of the following features:

  • Marketing Cloud Overview: Pull customer data from numerous sources to understand behaviors, purchase preferences, and habits. Map out customer journeys, predict changes and use real-time events to trigger customers.
  • Pardot: Automate common marketing tasks with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Send automated emails based on predefined triggers with an ExactTarget Salesforce Integration, use customer data to send personalized messages, or target your prospects activities by integrating Marketing Cloud with social media platforms.
  • Digital Marketing with Salesforce: Social Studio harnesses customer activities on social platforms to give you market intelligence on your products and services. Use this to monitor discussions on social forums and gain insights into perceptions about your brand. Integrate social activities with customer data in CRM to add more details to your customer base. This can then be used to provide effective customer support based on customer interactions on social platforms. Utilize all this customer data in digital advertising and campaign management to optimize performance and effectiveness.
  • Mobile Marketing: Send targeted mobile messages and analyze customer data on the go. Use geo-fenced messages to tailor promotions and offers or use time-sensitive alerts to drive a specific customer response.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Unify your business ecosystem in one place with the Salesforce Community Cloud. Diversify your market intelligence by engaging your partners, customers and employees in this cloud based collaboration platform. The Community Cloud serves to increase customer satisfaction across the board with data integrations and increases online brand recognition. The Salesforce Community Cloud is divided into:

  • Salesforce Customer Community: Take customer relationships to the next level by providing them with a medium that lets them interact, share and provide feedback about your brand and services.
  • Salesforce Partner Community: Bring all Salesforce Partners, including vendors, resellers and distributors, to give a boost to your sales. Provide them with a platform and serve as a liaison for mutual benefits.

The Community Cloud provides:

  • Business Integration
  • Personalization
  • Customization and Branding
  • Responsive Mobile Experience

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Revitalize your organization’s eCommerce operations with Salesforce Commerce Cloud that delivers a streamlined experience across multiple platforms. With a range of scale-able options including digital, social media and mobile integrations, the Commerce Cloud brings you all the eCommerce Essentials you need to give your customers the perfect shopping experience, including:

  • Seamless implementation of new sites, new features, and new integrations.
  • Unified multi-site management with built-in localization capabilities i.e. currencies and languages.
  • Cloud-powered environment that eliminates redundancies and provides a seamless customer experience.

The Commerce Cloud provides:

  • Unified Shopping Experiences
  • AI Powered Personalization
  • Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle
  • Commerce Cloud Order Management

Apps, IoT and Analytics Cloud

Apps, Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics (Salesforce Einstein) work in conjunction with the other Salesforce Cloud Platforms and provide valuable insights. Salesforce App Cloud equips developers with all the tools to create and deploy verified cloud applications, thus eliminating hardware compatibility issues. The Analytics Cloud provides unprecedented sales and marketing functions that help target customers throughout the pipeline and beyond. IoT harnesses data from Smart devices to large industry appliances to bring deeper customer insights to the forefront for your Sales and Marketing operations.

Need Help Choosing The Right Cloud For Your Business?

Choosing the right cloud platform can be a daunting task but don’t worry, we at Rolustech can help you pick the right Salesforce Cloud Platform for your business by carefully weighing the scale and needs of your business. Get in touch below for a free Consultation Session with our Salesforce Developers and Administrators.

Q. Is Sales Cloud good for small businesses?

All Salesforce Clouds Services, including Sales Cloud, are cloud-based with a SaaS model. This means that the software can be scaled depending upon the needs of the organization. The Sales Cloud provided innumerable benefits to both small businesses and large enterprises with its customer information centralization and task automation functionalities.


Q. Do Salesforce Cloud Platforms work on Mobile?

Yes, Salesforce Cloud is supported on a number of different mobile platforms.


Q. How secure is my data on Salesforce Cloud Platforms?

Salesforce uses a robust security architecture and is trusted by more than 150,000 companies across the world. From organizational security to user security and program security, Salesforce is a platform that provides security and control over each aspect of your business.


Q. What are the different types of Salesforce Clouds?

The different types of Salesforce Clouds are Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and Commerce Cloud. There are 5 types of Salesforce Cloud Services:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud


Q. Why should I use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a great platform for marketing teams to run personalized marketing campaigns, track critical metrics and maximize ROI on marketing.


Q. What is the difference between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a complete sales solution and helps in lead management, opportunity management, and sales management, etc. whereas Salesforce Service Cloud is focused on case management, case escalation, and delivering better customer service.


Q. Why does Salesforce Use Cloud Services?

Cloud computing grants businesses access to powerful features without actually having to invest in expensive hardware. Salesforce uses cloud services to provide its users with cutting-edge CRM software.


Q. Which Salesforce Cloud is best for my business?

Salesforce has a number of cloud services. Each service equips businesses with a suite of powerful features. The “best” Salesforce cloud service for your business depends on your needs and requirements.


Q. How much does Salesforce cloud cost?

Just like any other Salesforce service, the cost of Salesforce Cloud varies depending on your requirements. Salesforce Cloud’s packages start from $25 per user per month and scale up depending on which package you choose.


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