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Custom Software solutions, tailored to solve your business needs.

Customized Software Development Solutions

Full-stack development services are trending at a pace faster than ever. Reason being, every business requires professionals with extensive know-how about everything from the back-end, database to the front-end. That is where we come in, Rolustech is the most-preferred full stack development company, making sure our dedicated full stack development team is assisting you at every stage of development. Be it from UI & UX strategy, DevOps services, web development , modern Agile, or cost-effective web solution, we have you covered. Our team excels in front-end as well as back-end technologies, delivering end-to-end solutions to our clients.

Leverage our top-of-the-line expertise and experience to develop a high performing web and mobile app solution for your business today. We take on an agile software development approach to help achieve result-oriented full stack development services. At Rolustech, we have a team consisting of a product manager, team of full-stack developers, Quality Assurance, UI/UX experts and optimization experts to help build viable products. Our team has expertise in MEAN.JS, ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, Meteor, PHP and LAMP experts.

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Our Custom Software Solutions

Backend Development

Rolustech has an advanced set of skills and backend tools to build custom software solutions. We create software’s based on your unique business needs to translate them into scalable and effective solutions.

Mobile Application Development

Get robust and engaging Android, iOS or hybrid mobile application development that provide an end-to-end solution with backend, QA testing, interoperability, and scalability. All making sure to add value to your customers.

Front-end Development

From JavaScript to React.JS and Angular, our front-end team knows how to do it all. We create responsive designs, ensuring that our applications have a smooth UI/UX across all devices and platforms.

E-commerce Development

Having a good ecommerce website design helps you stay at the top of the game. We can help you achieve just that, get the best ecommerce website design made to innovate your customers’ ecommerce experiences. 

Digital Marketing

Ever since Covid-19 hit the economy, remote work and digital marketing is something that has become trending more than ever. Digital marketing is vital for your business, brand awareness, and measuring reach and ROI.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the new trending in the 21st century today, incorporating it in your business can improve user experience. Our team helps build just that, well-functioning apps in AI to upscale your business growth spurts.

Internet of Things

With our IoT solutions you can accelerate IoT revenues that drive greater business value. Also, giving you the benefit of understanding your target market, their needs, wants and spending habits to target them accordingly. 


A good design and good user experience is something that is intuitive and needs hard and fast explanation. For our team, creating pixel-perfect and eye catching designs is no headache, we take it as easy as storytelling with data.

Hire a Developer

The secret is hiring a dedicated resource to get your job done. You can find the right developer for your company through technical interviews conducted by professional interviewers.

Technology Stacks We Work On

Front-end Development


Backend Development

express js
microsoft net

Mobile App Development

react native

Database Integration

momgo db
microsoft sql server

DevOps Tools


Our Work Process

Choose A Service

Pick a service based on the clients aims, projects aims and explain all open-ended aspects.

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Schedule a meeting with any representative from Rolustech to discuss your functional requirements.

Create Custom Plan

Our experts will develop and deliver a custom plan that is tailored for your requirements. 

Let's Make It Happen

Your solution is finally read, all you have to do is start using it. 

Why Rolustech?

  • Dedicated Developers/Team

    For every full stack web project a project manager is assigned to make sure all your project requirements are taken care of.

  • Suitable Project Timelines

    We keep a close eye on your project development cycle. This helps us create a timeline on when tasks are to be done to make sure the whole project is completed on time. 

  • Technology Expertise

    We have developers with extensive technical knowledge in full stack development solutions, providing quality web applications using various technologies.

  • Single Stop Solution

    Our team of full stack developers have immense experience of working on different frameworks and advanced technologies.

  • After Delivery Support

    We are with you throughout your whole journey. Even after your project has been completed, we provide after-deployment support services.


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