AWS Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Now you can utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance decision making and further improve user experience. All made possible with Amazon Web Services. With the usage of AWS, machine learning and artificial intelligence are at the very core of their cloud infrastructure and helps businesses get the most out of their data. Combined with AWS, we can position your systems to learn from data directly without the need for human interference. AWS learning tools can help your system learn independently solely from the data available so that it can adapt to situations based on data patterns and improves with time to meet predefined objectives

AWS Machine Learning Infrastructure

For absolutely any machine learning project or application, AWS possesses the largest collection of computational power, storage, and high-speed networking resources. This will all be scalable according to your machine learning needs, the part of the infrastructure that you will be using will be customized to fit your requirements. Choose from a selection of machine learning frameworks that suit your teams, even going so far as to choose the hardware platform to host your models on, AWS will have you covered for all of your needs.

Machine learning is being implemented for all kinds of use cases like fraud detection, object detection, voice assistants, and much more. The factor that remains constant for machine learning is price, training, and deploying models has proven to be expensive and time-consuming. This is where AWS comes in, by removing these barriers to entry to machine learning and making it a pay-as-you-go service you can easily adopt cutting-edge technologies and practices.

AWS Artificial Intelligence Services

Based on technologies used to fuel Amazon’s own business, AI services are being provisioned. These services contain out of the box intelligence for applications and workflows. You can build applications powered by artificial intelligence, all without needing to learn machine learning expertise.

Amazon Kendra

Help users find things quickly on your websites and applications with Amazon Kendra. This intelligent search service reimagines enterprise search so that employees and customers can easily find the content they need. No more digging through disorganized data and instantly get the answers to your questions. This service requires no servers to provision or any complex machine learning models to deploy.

Amazon Personalize

Without any machine learning expertise, you too can get applications built that utilize the same technologies as Amazon with Amazon Personalize. You can include many personalization experiences like customized direct marketing and specific product recommendations. This is ahead of rule-based recommendation systems because it can train and then deploy custom machine learning models for a large degree of customized recommendations.

AWS Machine Learning and AI with Rolustech

Rolustech is a recognized Machine Learning Service Provider and has helped a number of different industry verticals with Artificial Intelligence using specific Machine Learning Models that maximize their business potential. We have helped companies in numerous industries, including retail, healthcare, real estate, and manufacturing. 

Add this to AWS machine learning and artificial intelligence along with AWS DevOps, and you can fully leverage the best practices required to stay ahead in the industry.

Q. What are some Machine Learning Examples?

Image and speech recognition, Learning associations between products, and prediction systems are all examples of Machine Learning. Industries such as Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation have been using Machine Learning algorithms for the optimization of their services.


Q. What if my business requires more than one Machine Learning Algorithm?

In that case, you can make use of an Ensemble Learning method that makes use of more than one Machine Learning algorithm.


Q. What are some use-case scenarios for Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

NLP works to organize unstructured data to perform automated tasks. Sentimental Analysis, Chatbots, and Virtual Assistants are all examples of NLP in practical use. 

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