Amazon Web Sevices

AWS is a robust and leading cloud platform, it is adopted by firms who are aware of the importance of cloud computing. They have made available limitless computational power which can be utilized for either storage or for speeding up their business processes. No matter what type of business, you too can join the leaders of cloud computing and enhance your business process with the latest technologies.

AWS Cloud Application Development

AWS provides application hosting services, the focus is that you, the user, will not have to rely on your own infrastructure and pay for only what you use. By utilizing tools like AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS Lambda, we are able to produce a variety of business applications on Amazon’s own cloud servers, which are plentiful. Servers are also always available 24/7 because of the sheer size of the infrastructure.

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AWS DevOps

DevOps is a relatively new way of joining software development and IT operations, it allows for heightened levels of collaboration between the two. AWS provides a large collection of tools that our developers can use to implement solutions on the AWS Cloud. DevOps makes the process much faster and focuses on developing and pushing out software products with the same results but at a quickened pace.
DevOps makes use of other software practices that enhance the process like Infrastructure as Code, which lets engineers interact with infrastructure the same way they would with applications.
Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration store all code is a central repository which is always being updated, for quicker either implementation or bug fixes.

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AWS Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Amazon comes with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence already in practice and built into its core infrastructure. AWS gives you access to a wide array of services that utilize these two and go forward with it, implementing them in application development and overall management. They have built up a large and robust infrastructure in computational storage(Amazon S3) and power, which lends itself well to making machine learning resources available and ready for use.

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Rolustech and AWS

Rolustech has been a software development and provider firm for more than a decade now and has experience in many different areas of technology and industry. With AWS we can cater a custom-made solution for you that involves business application development, machine learning, and complex practices like DevOps which require a keen understanding of software development and IT operations. We have a team of certified AWS experts who can assist you with every step of your journey on the cloud.

The AWS Services we provide include:

  • AWS Cloud Application Development
  • AWS DevOps
  • AWS Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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