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AWS provides the tools necessary to develop working applications. Businesses need to be agile and adapt to new environments with haste, as well as roll out applications at the same rate with scale in mind. Resizable compute capacity, object storage with Amazon S3,AWS  application development as well as hosting is possible on the AWS Cloud platform.

Now that AWS application development can take place on the cloud, it is no longer important where it is taking place, the emphasis is on the how. With AWS DevOps, these applications can be created efficiently and without delays, resulting in increased agility for your firm. With AWS best practices available, it is possible to get ahead of the competition. Use a plethora of AWS tools like AWS Lambda and AWS Elastic Beanstalk to develop and implement products and services faster to grow your business.

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Benefits of Cloud Application Development with AWS

Go Global

The AWS platform infrastructure is global and ready for any disaster that may come with robust backups. Wherever your customers may be, AWS is able to reach them and allow you to cater to them. With the largest infrastructure of any cloud service provider, AWS will help you deploy applications at any location.

Cost Efficiency

The AWS pay-as-you-go model means immediate access to a suite of features. The lack of using proprietary technology also brings down the cost, and the velocity at which you can get create applications will actually give achieve more business value and customer experience.

Secure Infrastructure

We understand that security is very critical for an organization, and so does AWS. They have a number of services that are dedicated to the security of operations as well as having security measures built into the very core of their infrastructure. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can also automatically check the vulnerabilities present in your system.

Instantly Enter the Market

Entering a market as soon as possible is a key factor to your success there. Critical business applications can be created in minutes with services like AWS OpsWorks, AWS CodeDeploy, and more. The ability to release new functionality with improved customer experience is what sets an organization apart, especially if they do it first.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Rolustech offers a 360-degree consulting service that helps you optimize your workload, maximize efficiency and helps build a road map for your platform as per your businesses needs. Being cloud technology partners, out team helps overcome complex enterprise challenges and we make sure we are with you at every step of the journey. We work as a team to make sure your enterprise adapts and evolves according to dynamic business needs, resulting in good valued migrations.

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AWS App Development

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AWS Optimization

Cloud Computing

AWS Cloud Application Development

Having a team of experts in cloud AWS app development, we are able to build for you highly agile, resilient and responsive mobile/web apps. Rolustech’s application modernization services increase user adoption, engagement and make sure legal applications are running seamlessly on the cloud. We have the expertise to help, whether you need to consult, migrate, upgrade of deploy your AWS applications, we are here to help.

Cloud Application Development Services

AWS Application Modernization Services

Mobile AWS App Development

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Paas-Based Development Using Various Cloud Services

AWS Cloud Migration

Migrating your existing system to the AWS platform is step number one! Step number two is teaming up with a well established and experience cloud technology partner like Rolustech. We can help support your business goals like enterprise cloud adoption and make sure you are able to move seamlessly to the cloud. We ensure the best application performance with the help of using engaging UI’s, backend application connections, APIs and last but not least, third-party integrations. From legacy apps to mainframe solutions, from data bases to a new software, we have you covered.

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Cloud Migration Services

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Application Refactoring


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Managed AWS Services

Choosing Rolustech means your business can finally enjoy all the benefits of the cloud eco system with faster app deployments, comprehensive app performance monitoring and a go ahead of any AWS-related incidents that may include disaster and recovery. Our team can help you augment your cloud operations with a growing technology stack of storage solutions, AWS-based networks and systems administration. All in all, helping improve process efficiency, reducing costs, increasing security and making sure you perform better to ensure better business outcomes.

Managed AWS Services

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Disaster Recovery

Why Rolustech?

  • All point AWS Services

    We have proven expertise in rendering end-to-end AWS services including Cloud application development, DevOps, Support, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

  • AWS Solutions Architect

    We are a certified AWS Solutions Architect associate.

  • Industry Expertise

    Expansive expertise in driving digital transition through AWS services across multiple industries.

  • Centre of Excellence

    We have a dedicated team of over 20+ certified professionals having comprehensive domain proficiencies.

  • Flexible Architecture Development

    You can count on Rolustech to engineer a perfect infrastructure according to your businesses priority for diverse projects, ranging from a single application to an SaaS.


Q. What are some Machine Learning Examples?

Image and speech recognition, Learning associations between products, and prediction systems are all examples of Machine Learning. Industries such as Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation have been using Machine Learning algorithms for the optimization of their services.


Q. What if my business requires more than one Machine Learning Algorithm?

In that case, you can make use of an Ensemble Learning method that makes use of more than one Machine Learning algorithm.


Q. What are some use-case scenarios for Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

NLP works to organize unstructured data to perform automated tasks. Sentimental Analysis, Chatbots, and Virtual Assistants are all examples of NLP in practical use. 

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