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SugarCRM Integration Solutions

With clients becoming more demanding than ever, you cannot afford to waste time switching between multiple platforms to carry out daily tasks. The real strength of Sugar lies in how it effortlessly integrates with third-party software that your business uses. This is where Sugar really shines with its open architecture that allows it to integrate with any software.

You chose SugarCRM because of its ease-of-use, customization, and price. Integrating business applications with SugarCRM boosts its power and allows enhanced functionality in the CRM which the users can leverage to provide exceptional experience to the clients. By integrating it wit different support systems and departments, you can also increase the productivity of all your teams with consistent, up-to-date customer data. Rolustech helps you quickly and easily integrate your SugarCRM instance with any other applications, whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud.

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Why Integrate with Sugar

Data Sharing

Your team has data insights from multiple sources saved in Sugar database.

Enhanced Productivity

Users can boost their productivity by not wasting time on similar tasks on multiple applications.

Effective Decision Making

With data from multiple channels in sync, you can better analyze your business and make decisions which are accurate and based on factual information.

Added Functionality

Your team gets advanced features unavailable in default version e.g. making calls from Sugar, sending documents for e-signature inside Sugar, etc.

Integrations with Accounting Apps

Sugar integrates with accounting apps like Quickbooks and Xero. The integrations let users achieve a bi-directional sync between the two platforms and keep information in them updated at all times. Using the integration, Sugar is complemented by a complete accounting solution for your business. Some of the accounting platforms which we have integrated with Sugar include:

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Integrations with Payment Gateways

Clients want ease of payment. Collecting payments from multiple online channels is not an option but a necessity and sometimes even a legal obligation. Sugar lets you integrate with almost all online payment gateways that you can use to collect payments online, these include:

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.Net
  • Sage Pay
  • Convio
  • Stripe

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Integrations with Telephony systems

One of the foremost functions of a CRM is to keep record of each and every client interaction on a single database for you to access so you can make informed decisions based on the data you have at your disposal. Having a click to call feature in your CRM comes in especially handy for this purpose. The feature lets you keep track of all inbound and outbound calls in the CRM. As Sugar Partners, we have integrated Sugar with several PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and VoIP (Voice over IP) systems. These include:

  • Twilio
  • Audian
  • Ring central
  • Interactive Tel
  • Who’s calling
  • True Caller
  • Call Source
  • Skype

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Integrations with Marketing Automation Platforms

CRMs are excellent Sales tools but when it comes to Marketing, they lack the ability to generate qualified leads for your salespeople. It is Marketing Automation which delivers personalized, stage-appropriate nurturing outreach. When both are integrated, they form a powerful tool to drive sales and deliver growth. We provide Sugar integrations with Marketing Automation tools such as:

  • Act On
  • e-Trigue
  • Salesforce Exact Target
  • Net Effect
  • Mautic
  • MailChimp
  • Inbox 25

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Integrations with Social Media

Whether you are posting content directly or listening closely to the comments and feedback of your customers are leaving, social media is an integral element of every Sales strategy.
Our SugarCRM developers have integrated Sugar with the following Social Media platforms:

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Integrations with E-Signature Apps

Choosing a document from within Sugar and sending it from a different application window is highly unproductive. Sugar can integrate with e-signature applications and let you complete the task and save it back all within Sugar. Some e-signature platforms which we have integrated with Sugar are:

  • DocuSign
  • EchoSign

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Integrations with Google Apps

Google apps provide great functionality owing to Google’s ease of use. If you use Gmail and other related Google apps, it’s only necessary to use an integration that syncs data between both platforms. For this purpose, we created the following integrations between Sugar and Google Apps:

  • Gmail
  • Gmail Contacts
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Google Maps

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Integrations with Content Management Applications

The integration with Content Management systems allows you to manage your content from within Sugar. We have made the following CMS integrations:

  • Box
  • Rackspace
  • Mail Merge/ Document Generator
  • Alfresco

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Integrations with Email Clients

Most communication with clients is done with a robust email client. When a CRM is integrated with an email client, it provides the ability to archive all email communication with a lead or existing client inside the CRM. This allows Sugar users easy access to find all relevant information. We have integrated Sugar with:

  • Gmail
  • RIVA
  • MS Outlook

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Integrations with Ecommerce Platforms

Running an eCommerce business without a robust CRM working on the back-end is difficult. With a CRM in place, you can record sales transactions, provide post sales service and manage finances in a breeze. We have integrated the following eCommerce platforms with Sugar:

  • OpenCart
  • VirtueMart
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento

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Integrations with CMS

Sugar provides a case management solution out of the box, but many companies prefer going with complete client support solutions. These solutions can be integrated with Sugar in order to have all the information in one place. Moreover, this way customer support representatives also have a complete picture of the clients who have contacted them. Some of these solutions integrated with Sugar include:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla

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Integrations with Data Analytics

Each day more than 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data is being created. Therefore smart businesses are increasingly shifting their focus on the useful insights hidden in the heaps of this data with data analytics software. Through an integration with Sugar, this data can prove to be extremely useful. We have integrated Sugar with:

  • Informatica
  • Google Charts
  • Fluid Survey

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our services are not limited to these integrations only. Our decade’s worth of exclusive experience with Sugar has allowed our team of SugarCRM experts to innovate and execute many distinctive projects that involve several unprecedented and unrivaled integrations as well as SugarCRM customizations that have allowed our customers to fully benefit from all that a CRM has to offer. Let us know if there is a software you want integrated with Sugar and we’ll get back to you.

Why Rolustech?

  • All point SugarCRM Services

    We have proven expertise in rendering end-to-end SugarCRM services including Customization, Implementation, Integration, Maintenance, and Support.

  • Centre of Excellence

    We have a dedicated team of over 50+ certified professionals having comprehensive domain proficiencies.

  • SugarCRM Partners

    We are a consulting partner with competencies offering a broad array of services.

  • Industry Expertise

    Expansive expertise in driving digital transition through SugarCRM services across industries including healthcare, insurance, finance, gym, and law and many more.

  • Extensive Service Portfolio

    Comprehensive SugarCRM consulting services and product customization portfolio spanned across multiple SugarCRM plugins, custom field solutions, and SugarCRM Licensing.

    Quality Assured

    Agile and proven delivery methodology with in-built quality checks.


Q. How are SugarCRM integrations different from SugarCRM plugins?

SugarCRM integrations are sophisticated solutions that are tailor-made according to your unique requirements and allow you to seamlessly combine SugarCRM with your favorite third-party apps. SugarCRM plugins and add-ons are general purpose plug-and-play solutions that, with a few simple installation steps, effortlessly extend the functionality of SugarCRM.


Q. Which third-party applications should I integrate with SugarCRM?

Our team of SugarCRM experts can assess your unique needs and requirements, and propose optimal third-party integrations which allow you to get the most out of your SugarCRM implementation.


Q. Can I integrate third-party platforms with Sugar on my own?

Technically yes, but practically no. Integrations need a calculated approach with finesse, something our Certified SugarCRM experts are very good at. Get in touch and we’ll integrate the software of your choice with your Sugar seamlessly.


Q. Is the integration of Sugar with other applications or plugins recommended?

Integrating Sugar with third-party applications or plugins can not only increase the efficiency of your CRM but also increase the effectiveness of the CRM platform by increasing the functionality of Sugar. Therefore, Sugar integration is recommended for maximum ROI.


Q. What would be the recommended SugarCRM integrations for an Insurance Agency?

Since it operates within the financial services industry, one of the most important SugarCRM integrations for an insurance agency would be integration with Accounting apps such as QuickBooks, Xero or Sage. Other recommended integrations would be Telephony systems such as Twilio, E-Signature apps such as DocuSign and Email clients such as Gmail.


Q. How to integrate Magento Store with SugarCRM?

Magento CRM integration requires the knowledge of code. Therefore, contact SugarCRM developers if you want your Magento store integrated with your SugarCRM. The integration services that Rolustech provides also include the integration of Magento with SugarCRM.


Q. What is a good CRM software that integrates with QuickBooks?

The integration of SugarCRM with QuickBooks is as seamless as possible, resulting in a solution which offers accounting functionality along with the default CRM features. In fact, Rolustech has a ready made solution which offers all such features, namely RT QuickBooks. Get in touch for more on this solution.

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