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Engage prospects better and keep track of their interaction with your Facebook and CRM integration to convert leads into sales. With a huge number of online visitors, it’s imperative to capture the attention of leads in real-time and build personalized customer relationships. Facebook and CRM integration lets you do exactly that; increase live engagement, streamline activity management, maintain and update customer records and maximize the ROI on your Facebook marketing activities. All in all, by integrating Facebook with CRM software, you can maximize the value of leads, deliver exceptional results and create an impact to make customers for life.

Lead Management

Effective lead management is imperative to drive sales and smoothly run sales management processes. There is no better way of nurturing the leads from Facebook and maximizing their value than by integrating CRM software with Facebook. Ensure that you keep a record of all leads in the CRM software and engage them through different stages of the sales pipeline so that leads don’t slip through the cracks.

By leveraging Facebook and CRM integration, eliminate manual data entry as you can easily export leads data into the CRM. Now, whenever you acquire a new lead from a Facebook campaign, all the data will be automatically stored and updated in the CRM software.

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Audience Engagement

No need to juggle different platforms when you can engage the audience on Facebook right from the CRM. With a 360-degree view of your customers on Facebook, derive actionable insights into how the audience is interacting with your brand. Furthermore, get to know your customers better by engaging them in different posts and real-time conversations through comments and live videos.

Facebook and CRM Conversations on a Unified Platform

CRM and Facebook integration will allow you to communicate with your prospects in real-time from a single platform with all the data in one place. You can get real-time notifications in your CRM software even when you aren’t using Facebook. Hence, you can follow all the conversations about your brand to run effective marketing campaigns and deliver personalized customer experiences.

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Activity Management

Upload posts, make comments and streamline all your Facebook activity from within the CRM platform. This will save time and resources so you can focus on engaging more visitors and enhance brand advocacy. You can also improve collaboration among teams by integrating CRM with Facebook to cut down delays in tasks, drive efficiency in business and make the most of your investment in marketing on Facebook.

Increased Opportunities For Conversions

With Facebook and CRM integration, streamline the sales pipeline by ensuring that you don’t miss out on opportunities for sales conversions. Automate lead generation and set triggers to add leads for different activities such as a visitor liking your page or posts and commenting on your posts. You can also make the most of your CRM software by transforming it to mirror your business needs with CRM customizations.

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Seamlessly Manage Facebook Lead Ads

Nurture leads to close more deals with Facebook Lead Ads and CRM integration. You can keep track of customer behavior and nurture leads through drip campaigns by leveraging the data in your CRM. Additionally, you can maximize the value of the leads by engaging them timely to streamline the customer journey.

High ROI on Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Increase the ROI on your Facebook marketing campaigns with effective market segmentation by utilizing the data in your CRM. With Facebook and CRM integration, you can make data-driven decisions when setting up Facebook Ads campaigns and engage more visitors to improve the conversion rates.

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Collect Data and Maintain Records

Eliminate manual data entry to maintain records of leads that you generate from Facebook as all the data will be automatically updated with CRM and Facebook integration. This will give you the data regarding a lead such as its name, contact details, preferences. Not just this, it will also help in refining the criteria of sales qualified leads and won’t take long in determining if you should follow-up on the lead to generate sales.

Monitor Preferences of Prospective Customers

With  CRM integration, you can better understand the preferences of your potential customers by monitoring their interests and public activity on Facebook. Moreover, integrating CRM with Facebook also allows you to improve your market research and accurately identify your target market so you can yield the maximum return on the marketing efforts. Hence, this will allow you to engage your audience and give promotional offers that they won’t be able to resist.

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