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Why Rolustech

Customers are at the heart of all we do and our commitment to understanding them has been a key to our success. So, our core purpose is that we value our employees, and that serves as a direction to keep our business up and running. We’re continually aiming to be the one Employee-Friendly Firm. 

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Training and Development

“Never Stop Learning” is Rolustech’s main value. We nurture the concept of continuous development by implementing a performance optimization framework. That ensures that each employee realizes his or her own worth and contributes to the company’s success by enhancing their talents and expertise.

Fresh Graduate Hiring Program

Rolustech believes in the fact that fresh minds are full of unique ideas. For this, we organize an in-house and on-site recruitment drive to look for the best talent. We offer recent graduates, who are passionate about working, a chance to test their skills and prove their potential to be part of our growing team.

Fun Work Enviroment

If your workload has left you drained, Rolustech has devised a plan to assist you to relax and unwind. Here are a few activities you can do to relieve stress.

Facilities and Benefits

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Provident Fund

Contribute 5% into the provident fund after 6 months of completion of employment


Bi-Annual Increments

Award bi-annual increments based on the achievement of business objectives, individual performance, and extra efforts for the company


Employee Empowerment

Provide the employees with cars, bikes, and scooty as a token of appreciation for the efforts they have put in for many years


Subsidized Lunch Facility

Offer an in-house subsidized lunch to all the employees


Mobile Data

Recharge employee’s mobile data for their personal use at the start of every month


Commute Reimbursement

Reimburse the commuting expense as it contributes the major chunk to monthly expenditures


OPD Expense

Cover outpatient medical costs as a part of the employee wellness program

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In-Patient Medical Coverage

Provide in-patient medical coverage to all the employees in case of medical emergencies


Wellness Plan

Reimburse 75% of the monthly subscription fee if you are a part of any health club

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