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Customer Relationship Management or, as it is more commonly referred to, CRM is a term that defines platforms and strategies that are used by organizations to better analyze and interpret interactions with customers during the customer journey. A CRM helps consolidate data and provides valuable insights that are otherwise difficult to discern within the abundance of data that is available to organizations.

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A CRM system comes with a number of different functionalities but in its most nascent form, it collects and stores data to give sales, marketing and support the necessary tools to improve customer satisfaction, amplify customer retention and increase sales. A CRM monitors all contact points that a client has with an organization, including website visits, live chats, direct mail, and social media; an incredibly useful function when it comes to understanding your customer. A sales rep can quickly log into a CRM to see past interactions with a particular client, obtain detailed personal information as well as insights into their purchase history and preferences.

This SugarCRM Guide brings together everything you need to know about SugarCRM. With it, you can begin with a retrospective view of Customer Relationship Management and its many facets before embarking on a journey into SugarCRM. Learn why SugarCRM is the perfect CRM platform for your needs and find out everything you need to know about SugarCRM customization and integrations. Observe how you can customize the Sugar platform to maximize your business potential or simply look at the various Industry Solutions to hit the ground running!