Chapter 2: All You Need To Know About SugarCRM


Founded in 2004 by John Roberts and Jacob Taylor, SugarCRM has quickly turned into a market leader in the CRM industry. Providing an open-source CRM, Sugar quickly became the talk of the town and success soon followed. In less than 4 years, Sugar was housing more than 150 people under its wing and was providing CRM services to a number of large multinational firms. There’s been numerous ups and downs (you can read about that in our SugarCRM Infographic) but Sugar has managed to pull through. Today, Sugar sits as one of the largest CRM vendors in the world with support for over 25 languages and a dedicated resource in Sugar University for all end-users and administrators. SugarCRM sells CRM in three distinct editions (4 editions until 2017, the Sugar Community edition was discontinued in 2018.) Apart from this, you can also build your own SugarCRM as per your needs!


Organizations can opt for one of the following SugarCRM Licenses

  • Sugar Professional
  • Sugar Enterprise
  • Sugar Ultimate
  • Sugar Community Edition (discontinued)
Sugar Professional
  • Sales automation and forecasting functionalities
  • Automated Support
  • Marketing Management (Lead Nurturing, Lead Management)
  • SugarCRM Reporting Features
  • Dashboards
  • Call Center Automation
  • SugarCRM mobile
  • 15 GB Storage
  • Deployment (On-Premise or Cloud)
  • Unlimited Studio Customizations
  • Support for MySQL and SQL Server-On Site
  • Unlimited Online Support
Sugar Enterprise
  • All Features from Sugar Professional
  • Revenue line item level opportunity tracking forecasting
  • Product level quotes
  • Advanced Workflow
  • Role-Based Views
  • SQL –Based Reporting Access
  • Support for Oracle and DB2-On Site
  • 60 GB Storage
Sugar Ultimate
  • Round the clock support
  • Dedicated Technical Resource
  • 250 GB Storage
  • Up to 5 sandbox instances (on demand)
Sugar Community Edition

Sugar Community Edition has now been discontinued. SugarCRM Community Edition was an open-source version of SugarCRM. Follow the link for a comprehensive description of the Sugar Community Edition and what to do next!


Sugar Hint

Hint is SugarCRM’s foray into relationship intelligence that brings external information on contacts and leads inside Sugar. With Sugar Hint, all you need to do is put in a contact’s name and email addresses to fetch relevant and useful information such as social media links, contact information, background details, job history and past interactions to the forefront. Sugar Hint is an excellent support tool to provide valuable context and insights about your contact or lead to ensure they receive a more personalized experience that improves your customer interactions and support.

Sugar Hint has 3 distinct features:

  • Enhanced Intelligence Pane: Find all relevant data at the click of a button.
  • AutoFill Records: Automatically update data after Sugar fetches it for you.
  • Activity History: Find details on all past interactions in chronological order.


SugarCRM uses a per user pricing model in the three different variants mentioned above. All three are designed differently so as to cater to unique business requirements and needs. We’ve broken down the pricing and features below:


Sugar Professional provides a host of affordable SugarCRM features to satisfy all the needs of your small or medium sized business. Further SugarCRM Integrations can be added at a small price to ensure you have everything you need at an affordable rate. Sugar Professional is the most basic edition of SugarCRM and a good investment for SMBs.

Sugar Enterprise includes all features from Sugar Professional along with advanced workflows and 60 GB of storage space. Sugar Enterprise comes with a plethora of advanced features such as revenue tracking, forecasting, integrated 12 hour email and phone support and certain Sugar Mobile features like Studio Editor and Sugar Logic. Sugar Enterprise can prove to be a game changer for your organization, provided that the features can be leveraged the right way. It is an excellent package for reducing processing times and overhead costs.

Sugar Ultimate stays true to its name as the ultimate solution for all your Sugar needs. Sugar Ultimate comes with unlimited functionalities and is an excellent investment for large multinational corporations. Sugar Ultimate comes with round the clock technical support throughout the week along with a dedicated technical account manager, 250 GB of storage space as well as 5 sandbox instances. It is optimal, adaptable and allows seamless integrations. It’s safe to say Sugar Ultimate provides features of a colossal nature that can solve all your CRM needs in one go! A steep price but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Sugar Hint provides all customer contact information and relevant data using name and email. This data can be imported into Sugar with a click of a button.

For out of the box Sugar solutions, you can use a simple formula to calculate costs:

No. of users x standard price: Total Cost

No. of users x Hourly rate: Total Cost



The Sugar Portal is a platform for customers to find and log information about their instances. It is where all the cases, bugs, and Knowledge Base records go. The Portal can be accessed with login credentials by a Sugar user and can be configured to suit your particular business needs. The Sugar Portal can be customized through the Configure Portal too but it comes with limited flexibility. To have the Sugar Portal customized according to your needs, you can contact us and we can provide a solution that will fit perfectly with your business needs.



Sugar Mobile helps you increase your productivity and manage all your business processes and needs on the go. Sugar Mobile helps you maintain productivity with its “with or without” connectivity feature that backs up all your interactions and additions offline and logs them in once your phone is connected. Sugar Mobile comes free of charge with a purchase of one of the Sugar Editions. It works perfectly fine with phones and tablets with a simple setup that keeps you connected to your Sugar no matter where you go. With Sugar Mobile, you can:

  • Market leading offline sync capabilities
  • Multiple Device Integrations
  • Dynamic features to easily manage sales, marketing, and support activities.