SugarCRM Pricing 2022


Every promising enterprise needs an innovative addition to their professional sphere. In business, having the ability to successfully integrate a valuable investment is what separates the regular from the phenomenal. In that respect, it is fair to say that a SugarCRM investment will perk up any business venture. However, every investment comes with a price and to help you understand what that price would be for you, we have outlined an overview of the different pricing plans and packages that SugarCRM offers.

In this post we are going to go through the features and offerings of each plan; making it easier for you to decide which plan would best suit your business needs and budget. The type of SugarCRM implementation that would best integrate with your business processes; whether you should opt for on premise or cloud based CRM. SugarCRM is designed to adapt to all types of businesses, from small businesses to large corporations. The plan you select for SugarCRM will depend on factors such as the type, size, and requirements of your business, not forgetting the price that you are willing to put into this investment.

How Much Does SugarCRM Cost: Pricing Chart 2022

SugarCRM Edition Pricing Per User/Per Month Minimum Users Minimum Annual Cost
Sugar Market $1000 10K $12,000
Sugar Sell $49 3 $1,764
Sell Premier $135 10 $16,200
Sell Advanced $80 3 $2,880
Sell Essential $49 3 $1,764
Sugar Serve $80 3 $2,880
Sugar Enterprise $85 3 $3,060

Read on to further explore which edition of SugarCRM would best suit your needs, but before we move on, one fact that every entrepreneur must keep in mind whilst researching CRM pricing is that most service providers only advertise the license costs of SugarCRM and not the implementation cost that business will incur. This eventually translates into a huge difference between the expected cost and the actual price and businesses need to be mindful of what they base their decisions on.

1) Sugar Market Edition

sugar market logoSugar Market Edition Pricing: Basic & Add-Ons

Formerly known as Salesfusion, Sugar Market’s starting price is $1,000 for 10,000 contacts per month, billed annually. Additional 10,000 contacts for $150/month. The add-ons of Sugar Market include Dedicated IP for a monthly price of $250 and the annual price of $3,000. Sandbox for monthly and annual prices of $100 and $1,200 respectively. You can also get an additional sending domain for $50/month or $600/anually. Furthermore, Sugar Market can have unlimited users, unlimited emails and landing pages, 4 Support-authorized contacts and includes SSL certificates.

What Sugar Market Has to Offer?

Sugar Market features include multi-channel marketing automation, effective campaign management, optimized lead nurturing, lead capturing, predictive lead scoring with SugarPredict, landing pages and lead forms, custom surveys, search engines optimized, interactive dashboard and the option of integrating Sugar market with any other CRM.

Does Sugar Market Suit Your Needs?

As mentioned above, this edition of Sugar offers an all in one marketing automation solution. If your business heavily spends on marketing efforts in order to generate more customers then this Sugar edition is for you. With this, you can effectively manage your marketing campaigns across different channels, increase the marketing ROI and efficiently track your leads with actionable insights that can help you in nurturing those leads.


Sugar Market can help in increasing sales by creating highly targeted landing pages and emails for your audience. It also helps in optimizing resource allocation in terms of your marketing expenses and time. The good thing about Sugar Market is that it can be integrated with any other CRM so it doesn’t matter which CRM you currently use in your business, you can take advantage of Sugar Market after integrating it with your CRM. Thus, it gives you more freedom and flexibility and makes it a perfect marketing automation platform.

2) Sugar Sell Edition

sugar sell

Sugar Sell Edition Pricing: Basic & Add-Ons

The Sugar Sell edition is divided into three different editions to cater to sale teams of all sizes; Sell Premier, Sell Advance and Sell Essentials. The Sugar Sell Premier edition starts at $135 per user per month with a minimum of 10 users, Sugar Sell Advanced starts at $80 per month per user with a minimum of 3 users and Sugar Sell Essentials’ starting price is $49 per user per month and requires a minimum of 3 users. This translates into the minimum annual price of $1,764 to $16,200. It includes 2 sandbox instances, 60GB of Storage, 12×5 Phone Support, 4 Support-Authorized Contacts.

What Sugar Sell Has to Offer?

This version of Sugar offers features like Accurate Forecasting, Quote Management, Easy Access to Product Catalog, 360-Degree view of Personalized Dashboards and Critical Metrics for Custom Reporting, pipeline and revenue optimization, geo mapping. Data enrichment and newsfeed.

Does Sugar Sell Suit Your Needs?

Sugar Sell is one of the best sales CRM softwares; suitable for small to midsize businesses. You can choose the Sugar Sell Edition that best suits your business needs and budget. Sugar Sell allows teams to conduct accurate sales forecasting which allows them to predict revenues in the future. Moreover, Sugar Sell allows businesses to streamline different sales workflows which makes Sugar Sell a great tool for sales automation.


Sugar Sell can help you reduce your overall sales cost as it is a complete combination of all the best sales automation tools which also makes it a great sales funnel software. It enables you to track actionable insights about your customers allowing you to efficiently manage different accounts and helps you close more leads with enhanced business performance.

3) Sugar Serve Edition
Sugar Serve

Sugar Serve Edition Pricing: Basic & Add-Ons

The pricing of the Sugar Serve edition is the same as the Sugar Sell Advanced edition starting at $80 per user per month with a minimum of 10 users. The annual minimum price goes up to $2,880. Sugar Serve also comes with 2 sandbox instances, 60GB of storage, 12×5 Phone support, 4 Support-authorized contacts.

What Serve Has to Offer?

Sugar Serve offers some great customer service features like omni-channel customer communications embedded into a single service console, SugarPredict powered sentiment analysis, case prioritization, intelligent case management, knowledge management with complete customer history, activity and relevant insights.

Does Sugar Serve Suit Your Needs?

For businesses that heavily relies on customer interactions and engagements, Sugar Serve can help in providing an unforgettable personalized customer experience to your customers. This is important because if customers feel that they are being valued by your brand then they are more likely to return. It not only generates more revenue but also cuts down your marketing budget with increased ROI. So, if you are a business with 100-150 employees, Sugar Serve is the best option to leverage your customer service.


Sugar Serve offers exceptional customer service features enabling businesses to deliver high-quality personalized service to each of their customers. If the package falls within your budget and you have a minimum of 3 users, implementing Sugar Serve will help your sales team build strong relationship with customers, ultimately leading to growth.

4) SugarCRM Enterprise Edition
SugarCRM logo 2019-03

SugarCRM Enterprise Edition Pricing: Basic & Add-Ons

With a basic cost of around $85 per user per month and a minimum requirement of 3 users, this package includes Advanced Workflow, which is an enterprise level business process management tool and 60 GB of document storage space

What Sugar Enterprise Has to Offer?

This SugarCRM offers advanced features such as built in CRM processes, App customizations, automated business process, automated insights for analysis, automated management of leads, forecasts as well as contacts, task prioritization with Sugar Mobile’s app and much more.

Does Sugar Enterprise Suit Your Needs?

Sugar Enterprise offers a high level of customization with a fully automated sales force capability. This edition is best suited for businesses willing to have maximum control over their CRM, from security and privacy to software updates. Everything is easily accessible and customizable, from modules and fields to workflow automations. Sugar Enterprise allows businesses to integrate their systems and sales processes effortlessly. Additionally, It allows revenue tracking and forecasting with integrated email and phone support. This could be a huge development for salespeople and for businesses that revolve around fast-moving consumer goods.


This advanced SugarCRM might just be the game-changer for your venture. With a basic price of $85 per user per month. This additional price is because of the unprecedented customization features that will be integrated into your Sugar user interface. Sugar Enterprise is a blessing in disguise for businesses that are of a medium nature and involve employees and customers that are continuously in transit. It will also help you to keep a record of your employees’ status and if used correctly, it will help in reducing processing times and overhead costs.

Concluding Observations:

It doesn’t really matter what the size of your business operation is. Sugar can always provide you with the perfect CRM solution. Don’t be afraid of a little investment. Make the most viable choice that suits your business and matches the profile of your venture. Keep in mind the scale and type of your business and choose whichever SugarCRM you think is best. If done properly, this can help you save substantial amounts of revenue at the perfect price.

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