SugarCRM and Google Calendar Integration


Trust me! I know how hectic it gets when you want to keep two platforms updated with the same information. How unproductive it feels when you have to do it manually. It couldn’t be truer in the case of SugarCRM and Google Calendar. You want your appointments, tasks, calls and meetings to show up in SugarCRM when you mark them on Google Calendar. Similarly, you want be able to initiate a task, meeting or a call in SugarCRM and it should automatically be updated in your Sugar.

Have you been having trouble mentioned above?


The Problem of Integrating SugarCRM and Google Calendar

Having trouble Integrating SugarCRM and Google Calendar? Need to create a meeting or call in Google Calendar and want it to show in SugarCRM and vice versa? Need a syncing solution which will keep both the platforms updated with the latest events you create in any of the two apps?

Yes of course, there is a solution available.


SugarCRM and Google Calendar Integration

I’ll be presenting you with an award-winning solution that will let you save all those work hours, hence enhancing your productivity and taking off your stress. Never again will you have to manually update your Google Calendar and SugarCRM.


SugarCRM and Google Calendar Connector: RT GSync


RT GSync is an award winning plugin that automatically syncs all the data between Google Calendar and SugarCRM. RT GSync helps you stay on top of your schedule by automatically syncing all your planned, performed and pending meetings, calls and appointments in SugarCRM from your Google Calendar.

It synchronizes your calls from Google Calendar to your Sugar Calls Module and similarly your appointments/meetings to the Tasks Module in Sugar.


What Makes RT GSync the best/most powerful solution for Integrating SugarCRM and Google Calendar?

Jason Eggers, the co-founder of SugarOutfitters, says “We have personally tested before accepting it on Sugar Outfitters and it is very popular”.

Lets take a look at the features of this Plugin:


1. Two-Way Syncing


SugarCRM and Google Calendar Integration


There are other solutions mentioned for the same problem but they provide a one way syncing from SugarCRM to Google Calendar. They lack the functionality to update SugarCRM with any changes made in your Google Calendar. In my experience, this is the much needed functionality which RT GSync offers and other solutions don’t.


2. Google Apps Syncing in SugarCRM

Where other solutions provide only Calendar Syncing, the breadth of functionality in RT GSync is unmatched. It offers you the following functionality as well

  • Sync your Gmail Contacts to the Contacts Module in Sugar
  • Your Google Drive (G-Drive) documents including photos, audio/video files in the Documents Module in Sugar
  • All your incoming and outbound Emails from Gmail account are archived in Sugar and vice versa. This way, all the communication history with your client is accessible from either of the platforms.

If you want just your Calendar Items and not other Google Services to sync, you can simply uncheck them. They can be initiated any time you feel the need.


3. Most Cost Effective Solution

Most Integrations/Plugins you’ll find are much more expensive than RT GSync. Given the breadth and depth of functionality of RT GSync, it is the cheapest Plugin available in the market today. For example, you want your documents updated every ten minutes; while that is possible in RT GSync for no additional costs; other vendors prop secondary charges to update items every hour.

Similarly RT GSync allows your G-Drive Syncing for no additional cost and is included in the whole package. Moreover with RT GSync you get a 30-day FREE Trial while other services there is only 15 day Free Trial available.


4. Priority Based Syncing


With RT GSync, you can set the priority to sync your items uni-directionally and bi-directionally. For example, you want to sync your appointments from Google Calendar to SugarCRM but not the other way around. That is possible only in RT GSync.

5. Every ten minute Scheduling 

Where other similar plugins provide sync scheduling after every 3 hours and charge extra for hourly scheduling, RT GSync does it every 10 minutes for no additional fees. This way you and your Sales people don’t miss anything at any time of the day.


Additional Features:

  • No browser plugin required: works with a single installation
  • Award Winning Integration: RT GSync was selected as the SugarCRM App of the Month for being an innovative solution to a complex business problem.
  • SuiteCRM Compatibility: RT GSync is compatible with the all versions of SuiteCRM
  • 30 days Free Trial: Start RT GSync 30 days Free Trial today!


SugarCRM and Google Calendar Connector: RT GSync Demo


How to start a FREE Trial of RT GSync?

The 30 days FREE Trial of RT GSync can be initiated here on SugarOutfitters

For more details, you can always visit the RT GSync Website or simply Contact me here


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