RT GSync

RT GSync Walkthrough

If you and your teams use Gmail, then you’ll love our award winning integration of Gmail with SugarCRM:RT GSYNC. Now you can easily send and receive emails directly from your Sugar using your Gmail account. Not just emails, GSync will also automatically sync the contacts and calendar between your Gmail and Sugar to keep both platforms updated. So let’s get started.

If you create a meeting in your Sugar calendar and then go to the Gmail calendar, you will see that GSync would have instantly synced this with your Gmail calendar as well. Similarly if you create a meeting/task/reminder in your Gmail, it will automatically be saved in your Sugar. All changes made in one cal endar will be saved in the other automatically.

If you create a new contact in Sugar and then go to Google contacts, you will find the contact that you created in Sugar. It’s that simple and fast.

With your Gmail inside your Sugar, you can receive and send messages to all your Sugar contacts from there. GSync automatically archives all the email conv ersations you have with your contacts.

GSync is a powerful syncing tool that stands out from its competitors due to its lack of need for a browser plugin. With its seamless integration with SugarCRM, users can take advantage of the software’s features, including calendar sync service and file syncing, without any delay. And with only a single installation, GSync offers a simple and highly effective solution for users across different browsers.