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Supercharge Your CRM with Leading Salesforce Integration Services

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM platforms in the world. With our Salesforce integration services, you can benefit from the full potential of this CRM platform. Salesforce offers extensive out-of-the-box functionality. However, just like any other CRM platform, it requires tweaking to align it with your business needs. This is where Certified Salesforce Consultants such as Rolustech come in. Our Salesforce experts have the knowledge and experience to provide in-depth Salesforce integration services.

With our Salesforce integration services, you can expand the functionality of your CRM. You can integrate your CRM with various third-party apps and plugins. CRM integration performed by Salesforce experts can help you develop a unified software environment.

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Why Integrate Salesforce with Other Software?

A CRM platform enables businesses to collect, analyze, and utilize data regarding leads and business opportunities. CRM platforms such as Salesforce are quite capable on their own. However, to get more value out of your CRM platform, you need to integrate it with other applications.

CRM Integration Benefits

You are able to get access to multiple applications from a single platform.

Effortlessly access your data and software without hassle.

Gather all your data in one place, allowing for better data analysis.

Reduce data duplication to improve productivity.

Automate redundant and repetitive tasks to improve efficiency.

Modernize data infrastructure to make informed decisions.

Types of Salesforce Integration Services

Our team of Salesforce experts can assist you in implementing a variety of CRM integrations.

  • Data Integration
  • Backend Integration
  • API-Based Integration
  • User Interface Integration
  • Business Logic Integration

Identifying the right type of integration for your CRM is important. It helps maximize the impact of your integration strategy.


Salesforce Integrations we Offer

  • Mulesoft Salesforce Integration
  • Magento Salesforce Integration
  • Magento Salesforce Integration
  • FedEx Salesforce Integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics Salesforce Integration
  • PayPal Salesforce Integration
  • Sage Salesforce Integration
  • Whatsapp Salesforce Integration
  • Zoho Salesforce Integration

Our Salesforce Integration Process

Requirement Gathering

Before starting, our Salesforce experts complete an assessment of your IT environment to devise the best plan for your business. This helps us become familiar with your processes and develop an ideal CRM integration solution for you.

Integration Implementation

With years of professional experience, Rolustech can formulate complex custom integration strategies. Our life cycle includes design, code documentation, quality assurance, and post-delivery warranty.

Data Migration

Data migration is a crucial part of any CRM integration. After integrating Salesforce, we work on migrating your data. Our Salesforce data migration experts ensure that all of your data is transferred safely and securely.

Salesforce Training

Your success is our success, so we are with you every step of your journey. When your integration is complete we are still there for you, we provide Salesforce support, training and consultancy where required.

Why Rolustech?

  • All point Salesforce Services

    We have proven expertise in rendering end-to-end Salesforce services including Customization, Consulting, Development, Implementation, Integration, and Support.

  • Centre of Excellence

    We have a dedicated team of over 30+ certified professionals having comprehensive domain proficiencies.

  • Salesforce Partners

    We are a consulting partner with competencies offering a broad array of services.

  • Industry Expertise

    Expansive expertise in driving digital transition through Salesforce services across industries including healthcare, insurance, finance, gym, and law and many more.

  • Extensive Service Portfolio

    Comprehensive Salesforce consulting services and product customization portfolio spanned across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Finance Cloud, Community Cloud, Non Profit Cloud, and Pardot.


Q. What is Salesforce integration and how can it benefit your business?

Salesforce integration refers to the process of connecting Salesforce with other applications in order to achieve greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency, and quality. This can include integrating data, business logic, presentation, and security layers from different apps with Salesforce. Some benefits of Salesforce integration include:

  • Increased functionality and productivity of your CRM platform
  • Easier implementation of new CRM solutions in your existing business environment
  • Access to all integrated apps from one platform, eliminating the need to switch systems
  • Automated workflows and easier data access for valuable insights.


Q. How does the Salesforce Integration Process work?

The Salesforce Integration Process can vary depending on the third-party application, but it typically involves these steps:

  • Obtain an Authentication Code from the External Application
  • Use the Code to get an Access Token
  • Connect with the External API on the Third-Party Platform.


Q. What is the difference between Salesforce integrations and plugins?

Salesforce plugins are ready-to-deliver products that add functionality offered by third-party apps within Salesforce. Integrations also provide functionality from third-party apps within Salesforce, but they are developed specifically for users who require specific functionality and are not readily available for everyone to download.


Q. Can accounting and telephony apps be integrated with Salesforce?

Yes, accounting apps like QuickBooks and Xero, as well as telephony apps, can be integrated with Salesforce depending on your specific needs.


Q. Why choose a Certified Partner for Salesforce Integration?

Choosing a certified Salesforce partner like Rolustech, with an experienced team of experts, can help ensure a seamless integration process and successful project delivery across different industry verticals.


Q. Can email clients and Google Apps be integrated with Salesforce?

Yes, email clients and Google Apps can be integrated with Salesforce to send and receive emails, access contacts and calendar, and even store Drive data all in one place.


Q. What is API integration in Salesforce?

API integration in Salesforce refers to the bi-directional synchronization of data between Salesforce and other applications, allowing users to access, push, transfer, and retrieve data from both systems.


Q. Why are APIs required in Salesforce integration?

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, act as bridges between two separate apps and enable them to communicate with each other. They are necessary for Salesforce integrations because they help connect your CRM platform with other applications.


Q. Is Salesforce integration simple?

The simplicity of Salesforce integration varies depending on the app being integrated. Developing a custom API is necessary for integrating any app with Salesforce, and it requires careful planning, development, and implementation by a Salesforce expert.


Q. What apps can be integrated with Salesforce?

Any app with an available API can be integrated with Salesforce. Most mainstream apps support integration with other platforms and make their APIs readily available.


Q. How much does Salesforce Integration cost?

The cost of Salesforce integration depends on several factors, including the specific applications being integrated and the complexity of the integration process. It is best to obtain an estimate from a certified Salesforce expert.

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