Mailchimp Salesforce Integration Services

Why is Mailchimp and Salesforce Integration Interesting?

Salesforce is the top cloud-based sales platform with a wide range of applications and rich CRM features. Using the Salesforce CRM platform and its automation tools, an organization will be able to increase their sales and productivity, improve internal communication, and track marketing efforts and results in real time.  Built-in Salesforce Mailchimp Integration allows to import Mailchimp Salesforce Integration contacts to your MailChimp list, and view MailChimp campaign activity data in Salesforce. MailChimp is a robust cloud-based platform that lets you send emails to multiple recipients at a time.

The modern world of sales is continuously changing over time. Expanding leads and contacts can be hard to manage and making sure everything is managed can take up a lot of your time. You may find yourself wasting many hours on just admin tasks which is not productive. As soon as you see your sales contact list is increasing, you may want to get your email content delivered automatically and timeously. Integrating your Salesforce account with Mailchimp allows your contacts and sales are instantly synced. Mailchimp allows you to sync contacts in real-time, meaning once you have established your marketing campaign, any developments in your CRM of choice will be automated.

Why you Need the Integration

Personalized Emails

Customers enjoy receiving personalized emails, but organizations do not always the time to send out such specialized email content tailored to each individual. This allows you to create tailored emails without having to conduct detailed information on your audiences interest.

Responsive Email Reporting

Real-time reporting is something many organizations are using nowadays, Mailchimp Salesforce integration will provide you with multiple email reporting resources. You can now easily optimize campaigns and answer campaign member queries in a straightforward manner.

Assessing Outcomes

The integration Mailchimp had to offer allows you to constantly stay up tp date with your campaign status and performance. You may have a process in line that helps you measure your results but Mailchimp Salesforce helps you augment your analysis in a better way.

Marketing Engagement

You can see how your sales team interact with Salesforce marketing automation campaigns and record any lead signals that come from your website. It also makes choosing the juiciest leads easier, allowing salespeople to allocate more of their time on leads that will generate revenue.

Resources Management

The usage of resources is monitored, analyzed, and organized. This information can then be preserved and used in the future to optimize projects

Gain Organic Contacts

You can hold complete control over your preferences by syncing new subscribers to your entire Salesforce contact field. Mailchimp will automatically communicate with your targeted audience, however before you streamline your sales process it is important to understand some admin points.

Type of Salesforce Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Integration with Salesforce can be done in one of three ways – the app route or the API route. The first approach would need a simple installation and configuration of an app in Salesforce. For the second, you need custom code to interlink Salesforce & Mailchimp APIs. The app route can’t be considered as flexible as custom API based integration but can be convenient for accommodating most use cases. The third, integration with third-party tools. The integration with third-party connectors helps you streamline your process by eliminating errors and data duplication.

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Advantages of Using Mailchimp


Campaigns are made simpler with Mailchimp, you can build one in a few minutes whilst taking into consideration user-friendly elements. These campaigns are tailored made and are easy to understand by customers.

Feature-Rich Components

Mailchimp has feature-rich components to create personalized emails through unique integrations. You can create attractive and excellent emails and connect them to your Mailchimp account in a matter of clicks.


Mailchimp has a versatile pricing plan that fits the requirement of every business, big or small. It also provides a free account for small-scale businesses to start running marketing campaigns.


Mailchimp allows you to segment data using Segmentation. These segments are based on insights, user behavior, and interest to add a personalized touch for targeting the right group of audiences.

Effective Reporting

It offers effective reporting by providing real-time insights to help you identify what plan is working and where your marketing budget should be spent. Reports and analytics features help track performance.