Artificial Intelligence in Business

Rolustech has a team of AI experts who can transform your business for the future with intuitive systems and AI driven products for a guaranteed competitive edge in the market. We are a one-stop shop for all applications of Artificial Intelligence and our end-to-end development methodology ensures that your system is technologically advanced, superior, and scalable.


Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning is the application of Artificial Intelligence in business, helping systems find meaning from data. Using algorithms that learn and act on your data, we help you find actionable insights that aid your productivity, efficiency, and ROI.

Supervised Learning

An application of artificial intelligence used in businesses. Supervised learning allows a system to comprehend an established set of data and find a relationship between the input and output variables. The algorithm helps the system in learning to a point where it can predict output variables based on new input data sets. Supervised Learning has numerous use case scenarios:

  • Linear Regression: Find customer lifetime value
  • Logistic Regression: Find if a customer will default on a loan

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised learning is when a large amount of unlabeled data is used to solve a problem. Unsupervised learning has zero human intervention and consists of an intricate process that analyzes data and uses algorithms to make connections based on patterns and clusters in the data set. In this Machine Learning process, only the input data is given and no output data is specified. Sentimental Analysis for social media and email spam detection are examples of unsupervised learning, prominently used as an example of artificial intelligence in business.

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Clustering and Retrieval
  • Topic Modeling
  • Association Discovery

Reinforcement Learning

In Reinforcement Learning, the system learns how to achieve an objective in an interactive environment with a trial and error method. The system is given positive or negative feedback based on the actions taken. Reinforcement Learning differs from Supervised Learning in a way that the system intuitively learns to find a solution on its own. Reinforcement Learning is used as an application of Artificial Intelligence in a business where lots of data is available i.e. game playing, robotics, etc.

Alexa Custom Skills Development

We develop custom Alexa skills to help you get the most out of your voice assistant. Our Amazon Alexa Experts have complete command over the frameworks involved and have created custom skills for businesses from a variety of different industry verticals. We strive to ensure that your business leverages the most out of its voice assistant, in a seamless manner.

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