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Why is HubSpot and Salesforce Integration Interesting?

Salesforce is the top cloud-based sales platform with a wide range of applications and rich CRM features. Using the Salesforce CRM platform and its automation tools, an organization will be able to increase their sales and productivity, improve internal communication, and track marketing efforts and results in real time. On the other hand, HubSpot is a full marketing platform that offers SEO, lead management, content marketing, landing page analytics, marketing automation, and much more. With the use of this your inbound marketing campaigns  also become more efficient.

As everyone knows, marketing and sales technologies are constantly changing and adapting over time. The two most popular marketing and sales technology providers in the market are HubSpot and Salesforce. What makes them stand out from all the other CRM platforms and marketing software’s is that they are convenient, multifunctional, flexible, and can meet various needs of business users – from marketing to sales. The best thing is both these technologies do not have to compete with one another because they work perfectly when together.

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All-in-One Inbound Marketing Services


This lets you write and publish relevant, engaging and conversion-optimized content. You can also use the help of tools that speed up creation, make sure to keep your format consistent and be easily optimized for search.

Landing Pages

It is important to have attractive landing pages that look perfect across all devices. It also helps make sure you can add forms that easy to fill out and let’s you automatically change your content based on who is viewing your page.


You can create attractive email templates and also personalize subject lines according to the person you are sending them to. You can also try out A/B testing to see what subject line improvs your open rate and click through rate.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps customers navigate around the website themselves, if they are able to do this chances of closing more leads is higher. You can also use leads behavior to tailor messages, emails, content and offers.

Lead Management

You can see every contacts information and see how they have interacted with you in the past and what their trends have been. You can use this data to then create hyper-targeted campaigns, which can also be tailored, to close more deals.


Keeping tabs on analytics is very important, this means gaining insights into your customers journeys to see what marketing assets are working the hardest. You can use multi0-touch revenue attribution to see how marketing impacts everything.


This helps you separate all your marketing assets team wise, so every use can have access to only the content they need and should have access to. This helps limit what content is shown to what person and helps keep security and privacy where needed.

Social Media

Handling your social media well is very important. This helps you monitor brand mentions and relevant conversations so you have a track on everything. You can also schedule your social media posts for the time you need them to be posted.


Planning your content strategy on topics that will increase your authority in search engines is important. Making sure you are up to date with SEO updates and trends is important, along side this you can measure real SEO ROI with integrated analytics.


Call to actions are important and they should be clear in your mind. You should measure your CTA’s to see what the outcomes are and if your performance is improving. You can then make plans to optimize clickthrough rates over time.


Track the ROI of your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google advertising with precision. This also helps you make a plan for your paid ads so you can make decisions according to your budget.

Salesforce Integration

Having a bi-directional sync with Salesforce means having a record of all emails that have been opened, every CTA click, every form submission. This data can then be used to score leads and create segmented lists.

Integration features

Get Set Up in Minutes

Let’s begin with the first step, getting started with the HubSpot-Salesforce integration is easy and requires no technical work. It is a very straightforward setup process that can be completed by following a step to step tutorial. Once this is done, HubSpot itself employs a support staff team to help you maintain and improve your integration. With the help of them, your organization will have a lightning-fast integration your whole team can rely on.

Integration Updates and Support

Send Valuable Lead Intelligence to your Sales Team

With the help of powerful bi-directional sync, changes in one system are automatically synced to the other. This means you can choose which new records and old records to sync from HubSpot to Salesforce when you want. You can keep a record of all important lead intelligence like email open rate, number of form submissions and the amount of website activity. You can then send lead scores from HubSpot to Salesforce to help your sales team prioritize their outreach as well as saving time.

Prioritize Leads

Send lead scores from HubSpot to Salesforce to help your sales team prioritize their outreach and save time.

SugarCRM Migration

Close the Loop Between Marketing and Sales

Salesforce contacts can be used to help your organization personalize marketing emails, segment your database,  and to send emails on behalf of your lead’s assigned sales rep. You will save time because you will no longer need to export a list from Salesforce to start your campaign with or to import the responses from your campaigns back into Salesforce. Whenever your sales team closes a lead as a customer, Salesforce will send revenue data straight into HubSpot so you can tie your marketing campaigns to real revenue.

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