Introducing SugarCRM Mobile 6.1 – Email Access on the Go!

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SugarCRM has just released SugarCRM Mobile 6.1 and added the ability to view email records from the Emails module along with the related records. However, it should be noted that email access is only supported by SugarCRM 7.11 Winter ’18 and future releases. Moreover, like the Quotes, Employees, Emails and Reports modules in the previous releases, the Emails module is also read-only for all users when accessed from SugarCRM Mobile.

SugarCRM Mobile 6.1

Using the Email Access Feature in SugarCRM Mobile 6.1

Follow the steps below:

  • Login in to your Sugar Instance using SugarCRM Mobile.
  • Tap the three-bar icon at the top left to access the main menu. This can be done from any page in Sugar Mobile.
  • You should be able to see a list of Sugar modules* below your user profile, dashboards, global search, and the Activity Stream.
  • Tap on the Sugar Emails module to open its list view.

*Your ability to access modules may be restricted by role. You would need to check with your system administrator if you cannot access them.

SugarCRM Mobile 6.1 is compatible with SugarCRM versions 7.8 and above. You can go through the Mobile Supported Platforms to learn more about device compatibility.

The Bottom Line!

SugarCRM Mobile became available on the 8th of February. All existing SugarCRM Mobile installations should automatically be upgraded to the latest version as per your OS/manufacturer’s regular software update protocols. Alternatively, you can manually install/upgrade to the latest SugarCRM Mobile 6.1 by searching for “SugarCRM Mobile” in the Google Play or Apple App store depending on your device. For your convenience, we have also added direct links for Sugar Mobile below:

  1. Google Play Store
  2. Apple App Store

Moreover, to make the most of your SugarCRM Mobile, you can also leverage mobile application development to stay ahead of the curve.

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