What’s new in the SugarCRM 7.11 Winter ’18 Release?

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Staying true to its promise of providing accelerated delivery of feature innovation and heightened levels of predictability, SugarCRM has released the Sugar Winter ’18. This is a follow-up to their Fall ’17 installment, the SugarCRM 7.9 and in line with their new and improved quarterly On-Demand delivery model.

SugarCRM 7.11 Winter ’18 Release – What’s under the hood?

Brand New User Interface

SugarCRM 7.11 Winter ’18 Release

This update builds upon the Sugar Sidecar framework introduced in Sugar 7. It marks the beginnings of a more efficient, modern, and intuitive user experience that Sugar will continue to further flesh out with future updates.

Sugar’s Sidecar interface has been refreshed with an entirely new look and feel. The color palette is now modern, brighter, and lighter. The colors pop out more and are easier on the eyes, making Sugar more suitable for extended use.

Other cosmetic changes include an upgraded record preview layout which has been significantly decluttered and now makes much more efficient use of space. It also now closely resembles the one in Sugar Hint, the first product from their Relationship Intelligence lineup.

Overall, the design language is consistent with Sugar Mobile, making transitioning between mobile and desktop much more seamless.

Actionable Drill-Through Charts

SugarCRM 7.11 Winter ’18 Release

Users have been requesting this feature ever since Drill-Through charts were first introduced in Sugar 7. This update to the reports module adds a whole new dimension to data interaction and strengthens the bond between a chart and the data it represents. The charts are more interactive than ever before and you can simply click on them to see the data behind the scenes.

When you click on a section of a custom chart dashlet, it instantly pulls up a list view of that particular segment so you can easily interact with the relevant data by performing all the standard list view actions such as edit, delete or even convert a lead if you’re in the Leads module. The same chart is also available on the right-hand side so you can conveniently dive into other desired data segments such as different lead sources or opportunity types without ever having to leave the drill-through view.

Product Catalog Dashlet

SugarCRM 7.11 Winter ’18 Release

The new Product Catalog Dashlet borrows its design cues from the Sugar 7 Quotes module and offers a much more visually compelling and easy way to navigate through the products that you’ve put into a quote. It is available in the intelligence pane on the quotes create a page and in the intelligence pane on quotes record view for now but will be added to the opportunities module in a future release.

The quote building view houses all your viewable products. You can discover products by simply scrolling in the search bar at the top of the Product Catalog Dashlet without ever having to leave the quote you are working on. Clicking on any product in the dashlet automatically adds it to the quote. If you want to get an even better sense of the product, you can click on the icon next to a product to open the full product catalog record in a drawer. This will display relevant product detail including pricing, availability, quantity, and manufacturer.

Other Updates

  • The ability to create a new quote by duplicating an existing one has been reintroduced.
  • Users can now forward archived email messages to recipients given they have their outbound email account configured in Email settings.
  • Explicitly related emails can be unlinked from the Emails subpanel of related records.
  • An emails list view filter has been added to quickly narrow down emails with attachments
  • The Saved Report Chart dashlet now has a View Report option so users can access that particular report’s detail view directly.
  • Receive Message events can now detect changes in particular fields and react according to the changes in field values.
  • Customizing Pre-Fill for Duplicate Records in Sugar7

The Bottom Line!

SugarCRM has enriched user experience, tackled some of the most common user grievances, and delivered perhaps the most beautiful CRM yet with the 7.11 Winter ’18 Release. This is only a sign of things to come and we hope you’re just as excited as we are.

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