Customizing Pre-Fill for Duplicate Records in Sugar7


Sometimes it becomes crucial to restrict certain fields from being copied as values of certain fields can change when a duplicate record is made. To eliminate the risk of repetition or data modification, customize pre-fill for duplicate records in Sugar7 by the override function on the “Record View” called setupDuplicateFields. Through this functionality, you can alter fields that will be used to pre-fill the duplicated records.

See the example below where highlighted fields in the “blacklist” variable can be unset or reverted to their default value, if provided in the field’s metadata.


//The below jsdoc was copied from base RecordView controller in Sugar7

extendsFrom: ‘RecordView’,


* Called when current record is being duplicated to allow customization of

* fields that will be copied into a new record.


* Override to setup the fields on this bean prior to being displayed in

* Create dialog.


* @param {Object} prefill Bean that will be used for new record.

* @template


setupDuplicateFields: function(prefill){

var duplicateBlackList = [“id“, “status“, “custom_field_c“];

_.each(duplicateBlackList, function(field){

if(field && prefill.has(field)){

//set blacklist field to the default value if exists

if (!_.isUndefined(prefill.fields[field]) && !_.isUndefined(prefill.fields[field].default)) {

prefill.set(field, prefill.fields[field].default);

} else {









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