Four Aspects of CRM


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CRM helps businesses grow” we pick up this statement quite often these days. But what is it actually? Is it a hype created by a few CRM consultants/vendors, or a reality?
If it’s a reality, what are the reasons behind it? What makes CRM an amazing software? Having all these questions in mind, I started browsing. After spending hours, I came across “Customer Relationship Management Concept and Technologies” that had answers to all my queries.

The impressively elucidated features of this software compelled me to use the software for my business. I signed up for the trial version of SugarCRM professional software. During a trial, I explored four aspects of CRM which were a sure way to help businesses like mine grow. These four aspects of CRM were:

1. Strategy

The strategic aspect of CRM is purely business oriented and it provides assistance in developing a business strategy that cannot only win new customers for the organization but also helps retain profit giving customers.

2. Operations

Operational CRM adds into operational efficiency of business by managing a variety of customer-facing operations such as sales, campaign management, marketing, customer service etc.

3. Analytics

Analytical face of CRM helps in value enhancement and decision making. With an analytical CRM, one can easily capture, store, extract, integrate, process, interpret, distribute and use customer-related data.  

4. Collaboration

As the name itself suggests, collaborative dimension of CRM removes communication barriers and boosts co-action. Aligning people, processes and technologies, CRM amplifies efficiency of the organization and its employees.”

With no regret, today I am using the paid professional version of Sugar CRM and it has helped me grow my business exponentially.

(This blog was received as a kind gift from Rolustech’s valuable Customer)

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