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CRM Analytics

What Is CRM Analytics?

CRM analytics refers to the processing of data that resides in your CRM database to uncover useful insights about customers that businesses can act upon. Integration with analytics makes CRM systems more intelligent in comprehending customers and empowers you to make data-driven decisions.

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Why Should Businesses Use Analytical CRM?

CRM analytics

Most businesses rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to form lifelong relationships with their customers. However, in recent years, understanding customers has become a convoluted process since a wealth of information is being generated every single day on the internet that needs to be harnessed and analyzed. Customers have become unpredictable in this ever-changing business landscape. Businesses need to adapt faster to the changing customer needs or else they will be driven out of the market. Hence, having a CRM that is integrated with analytical tools cannot be stressed enough.

What Can CRM Analytics Accomplish for Your Business?


Learn which customers are interested in purchasing your products and design your marketing campaigns keeping their tastes and preferences in mind. This will increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and also result in the desired ROI since you won’t be targeting customers who show little to no interest in your product.


Get detailed insights regarding your customers’ demographics, tastes, preferences, and buying behavior, etc. This will help accelerate the sales process by allowing you to identify the leads that have the highest probability of being converted into deals.

Customer Service

Improve customer retention and enrich customer experiences by tracking customer behavior and knowing how your product or brand is being perceived by the audience. Reach out to customers to determine any dissatisfaction on their part before they switch over to your competitor.

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SugarCRM as Your Analytical CRM

With Sugar, your analysts will gain the ability to predict how customers will respond to certain stimuli (products & services) based on their behavioral history and past preferences.  This will enable your analysts to judge more successfully and answer the most pertinent questions that exist in corporations; how, when and where to allocate resources for future investments and products.

CRM analytics

Your sales representatives and marketing executives would be able to thoroughly analyze and examine all the customer touch points. These include social media, web clickstream, internet, email and inquiries made via telephone calls. Just imagine how valuable this information can be to business analysts. Your team of marketing analysts will be able to better forecast consumer preferences, envision subsequent requirements and resolve other issues that incorporate various business decisions.

Sugar gives you the ability to manage forecasts of each member of the team through a single worksheet. Assigning quotas, adjusting individual forecasts and analyzing the performance of individuals are no longer considered tedious tasks. Sugar also allows your enterprise to keep track of customer activities.

Key Takeaway

Regardless of your company size or industry vertical, having a CRM integrated with data analytics capabilities has become a necessity to help spot developing trends and in identifying new opportunities. The traditional functionalities of a CRM no longer enable businesses to provide excellent customer service due to the ever-evolving market dynamics and changing CRM software trends. Data needs to be extracted and analyzed to gain deeper customer insights. The fundamental reason why we recommend Sugar is that it is one CRM which offers great flexibility to businesses since it can be seamlessly integrated with third party data analytics apps.

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