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A one-size-fits-all approach does not work in today’s era. Businesses who still send untargeted mass emails to prospects and customers are making a big mistake. Who likes to read emails which contain irrelevant content? No one! Unless the content of the message is not personalized, you should not hope of winning new customers or even retain existing ones.

SugarCRM has a built-in campaigns module which empowers you to create and manage marketing campaigns for your organization. Promoting your business and advertising your products/services has never been easier, thanks to a robust and versatile CRM like Sugar. It lets you reach out to your target audience without any hassle.

Types of Campaigns

Sugar enables you to engage with prospects and customers on a more personal level by running the following different types of campaigns:

Email Campaigns

Email Marketing still has the highest ROI as a marketing tool for B2B efforts. Actually, it returns around $40 for each dollar spent as stated by Smallbiztrends. Email campaigns are typically targeted towards a wide audience with the intention of lead generation. Recipients opting out of email-type campaigns have their email address marked as “opt-out” and do not receive any future campaign emails.


Newsletters keep customers updated about your company’s recent sales or new products that have been launched. Each newsletter is managed on a subscription basis and is targeted towards individuals with whom you have an existing relationship.

Non-Email Based Campaign

A non-email mass marketing effort delivered via mail, web, radio, television, print, or telesales. These campaigns are not executed through Sugar, but you can create a campaign record and manually update send dates and results for record keeping and to assess return on investment.

Create Your Campaigns

There are two ways in which you can create campaigns in Sugar: the classic method and the wizard method.  The classic option is recommended for simplicity and empowering users to make modifications to the campaign later. The wizard option is preferred if the campaign you want to create has similar information to an existing campaign.

Test Your Campaigns

Sugar lets you test your campaigns before launching them to check how the message is displayed in different email clients.  A test-type target list must be selected under the Target Lists subpanel as well as in the Email Marketing record to test the campaign.

Send Your Campaigns

Once you have tested your campaign and configured the email settings in Sugar, you are now ready to send the campaign. Once you press the Send button, the emails are queued and sent out in intervals.

View Campaign Status

Analyzing the results is equally important as sending campaigns. Sugar provides you with statistics that allow you to test the effectiveness of the launched campaign. You can view the results on the Campaign Status page to gauge its impact and progress. The Campaign Status page includes several subpanels, which display information such as the recipients who viewed the message, the recipients who clicked a tracker URL in the email, how many leads and contacts were created from the campaign, etc.

Track Campaign ROI

SugarCRM campaigns

The most important aspect of a business is to be able to calculate the ROI on a marketing campaign. With Sugar, you can view the campaign’s return on investment by clicking the View ROI button in the Campaigns detail view. The return on investment chart displays the actual revenue you earned through the campaign versus the estimated expected revenue. It also reflects the actual cost you incurred by executing the campaign versus the budget that you set for the campaign.

How we have assisted our SugarCRM clients in running successful campaigns? A few case studies.

Evolution Marketing

SugarCRM campaigns

Evolution Marketing is an independent business software consulting firm based in Australia. Evolution Marketing approached Rolustech in order to integrate marketing automation tools with Sugar 7.5 for a local government based in Brisbane. The local government intended to run email campaigns comprising of surveys from within their Sugar to create awareness among the general public to use energy resources efficiently. One of the SugarCRM integrations was that of  ExactTarget to execute automated promotional campaigns, highly-personalized emails, transactional messages, and behavioral-triggered messages.

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Finding Friday

SugarCRM marketing campaigns

Finding Friday specializes in CRM for the Travel and Leisure Industry. The company was in search of CRM customization and development experts who could integrate third-party apps and software with its CRM. The primary need was to integrate marketing automation tools so that Finding Friday’s clients to whom the solution was sold could run successful marketing campaigns. MailChimp, Act-On, Insteller, and ResponseTap integrations were done which helped Finding Friday grow its customer base.

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