3 Incredible Email Marketing Integrations for SugarCRM


In this competitive business environment, email marketing has become an imperative part of any marketing strategy. However, we don’t have the time to send mass emails to thousands of people one by one. Hence, what we need is an automated system that facilitates us in delivering cost effective, time-saving and quality marketing via email, newsletters and other channels.

But what if you don’t have a large email list in the first place? Don’t worry, our friends at ‘Who is visiting’ have written an excellent piece on how to find any email address. You can utilize it to build your email list before you get started with email marketing.

Nearly all CRM software available in the market offer default email marketing functionality and so does SugarCRM. However, it has its limitations. You can beef up the power of the CRM system by through various SugarCRM Integrations for email marketing automation and increase your chances of expanding your customer database while extending the number of recipients you can add in a campaign. For SugarCRM you can’t go wrong with any of email marketing software discussed below:

1.   Act-On

Email Marketing Integrations for SugarCRM

Act-On is a marketing automation software that not only boosts your leads database but also promotes comprehensive visibility into the leads’ profile, behavior and interaction history. Automating the nitty-gritty of email marketing, Act-on simplifies the chaos of sending emails in bulk, handling social media publishing and creating reports etc.

Integration of Act-On with SugarCRM has proved to be a huge advantage for reaching out to qualified leads using a marketing automation solution that can easily be embedded into the Sugar UX. This third party tool is gaining popularity among SugarCRM users because of its automated campaigns, lead scoring ability, lead nurturing functionality, simple interface, and easy integration into SugarCRM.

2.   MailChimp

Email Marketing Integrations for SugarCRM

MailChimp is synonymous to the E-Blast that encompasses incredible RSS Campaigns and WYSIWYG editor for fueling explosive business growth. The ability to upload, store and edit photos in real time is undoubtedly an asset of MailChimp that distinguishes this software from others.

The three features that make MailChimp a demanding application among SugarCRM users are: data integrity, efficient marketing automation and market research which de-duplicates your data, automates massive e-blast and tests multivariate marketing campaigns. You can lucratively manage custom forms, lead segmentation and customer groups, and subscriber profiles using MailChimp integration into SugarCRM. Furthermore, if you are looking for an assistant that designs email newsletters for you, shares them on social networks, tracks performance while integrating with services you already use, Mail chimp should be your first choice.

3.   Marketo

Email Marketing Integrations for SugarCRM

The holder of 2 back to back “CRM Market Leaders Award” in 2011 and 2012, Marketo is known for providing breakthrough email marketing innovation that fosters quality driven massive email marketing at a rapid pace. With Marketo, every phase of every email marketing campaign can be tracked to provide meaningful analysis and campaign measurement.

The significant attributes of this integration into SugarCRM include impressive formatting options for e-mails including a multi-lingual spell checker. Marketo Integration improves sales performance by streamlining marketing processes and delivers campaigns that generate more win-ready leads. With proven technology, comprehensive services, and expert guidance, Marketo is turning marketing from a cost center into a revenue driver for thousands of SugarCRM users around the world.

Take Action!

Integrate any of these three email marketing solutions into your SugarCRM to create multi-step drip marketing campaigns for the prospects residing in your sales pipeline and educate them about your product or service. Our SugarCRM Experts can help facilitate your staff in building rapports with their customers to instill a sense of brand loyalty while expanding your customer database.

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