Top 3 Ways a CRM Transforms an Organization

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Top 3 Ways CRm Transform an Org

During our pre sales discussions, some of the questions asked most frequently by our clients who are interested in buying a CRM solution are:

  • What can CRM do for my business?
  • How can CRM benefit my business?
  • Why CRM is important for an organization?
  • Why is there a need for CRM system in my company?

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When responding to such questions, our business analysts try to avoid using technical jargon to facilitate our clients who are new to the CRM technology. Almost all our clients are fully aware that customer interactions play a vital role in determining the success or failure of a business and that the entire process needs to be handled successfully if their business is to flourish. Our role is to educate them on how a CRM system can organize and manage all aspects of their customer interactions securely and smoothly.

Let’s explore the three ways in which a CRM adds value to an organization:

1. Streamline business processes

There are many repetitive tasks which if done manually would consume a lot of time and make the business process inefficient. Then there’s always the possibility of human error when dealing with data. The workflow automation feature in CRM will standardize the sequence of activities required to accomplish a specific business goal.

Top 3 Ways a CRM Transforms an Organization

Some of the most common applications of workflow automation are marketing automation, sales automation, account management automation and support automation. All these will make your business hours more productive and fruitful by finishing routine tasks for you. The inefficiencies caused by bottlenecks or unnecessary procedures are completely eliminated and your workforce becomes more productive and result oriented. Moreover, you can also leverage CRM plugins such as RT SugarVoice to make use of voice assistant technology to stay on top of your day. 

2. Enhance collaboration among all departments

To ensure that customers are provided with the best possible experience, every department be it sales, marketing or customer service needs to work in close coordination with the other. Marketers take care of lead acquisition and lead nurturing. Once a lead qualifies, it is passed on to the sales people whose job is to figure out the exact requirements of the customer to fulfill their needs.  Finally it is the responsibility of the customer support staff to provide excellent after sales service so customers are fully satisfied and make repeat purchases.

Top 3 Ways a CRM Transforms an Organization

A CRM system will act as a single channel where every interaction with prospects can be viewed and depending on which stage of the sales funnel they are in, personalized action can be taken by the concerned department. Feedback can be easily shared among employees of all departments to increase the likelihood of converting a prospect into a long term customer. The hassle of keeping multiple systems updated as a prospect moves through the sales funnel is taken out of the equation.

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3. Make data-driven decisions

To succeed in today’s day and age, your business needs to become customer centric. How can you do that? First by collecting data that is generated when your employees interact with customers and then by analyzing it to unearth useful insights that can be incorporated in the decision making process. The biggest advantage of having a CRM software is that you have your entire data consolidated and stored in one place. From customer profile to customer purchase history, every interaction that you have with customers can now be documented.

Top 3 Ways a CRM Transforms an Organization

Reporting in CRM gives a holistic view of your business performance. It lets you gather data from various modules to generate reports and make well informed decisions. With results shown in the form of bars and charts, reports provide brilliant insights that the management can use to optimize business performance. Moreover, the user experience is seamless when the SugarCRM instance speed is up to the mark. All in all, implementing SugarCRM in your business will take it to the next level.

Key Takeaway

21st century business dynamics demand that business processes be automated so that more can be accomplished in less time. CRM applies the basic principle of division of labor so each department does what it is best at and does not interfere with the workings of other departments. Consequently, resources are allocated in the most optimal manner which results in significant cost savings for a business.

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