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In the past, CRM solutions have been about helping you carry out business transactions with your customers more effectively and the focus has been mostly on putting a lot of information such as contacts, emails, notes, documents into the CRM. However, information that we already know can’t possibly yield a lot of actionable insights and results in return.

With this in mind, SugarCRM is envisioning the next generation of CRM and their Relationship Intelligence line of products is the first step in this direction. The objective behind Relationship Intelligence is for you to get more value out of your CRM than the information you provide. All of this has been made possible due to recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the abundance of accessible social data.

SugarCRM Hint

Traditionally, when you acquire a lead, you spend a lot of time researching in order to get some context about that person. Salespersons normally pull such information from social media platforms, company websites and past records, so that they can handle their clients in a more informed fashion or even find out whether they are worth their time.

Hint is SugarCRM’s first product from their Relationship intelligence line. It brings external information about your contacts and leads into Sugar. Using just their name and email address, Hint instantly fetches and displays useful information about your clients such as their social media links, contact information, academic background, job history, company info and all your recent interactions with them. Thus, quickly providing you with more context and actionable insights into your prospects so you can be more effective when making decisions regarding them.

SugarCRM Hint Features

SugarCRM Hint has 3 key features:

1. Enhanced Intelligence Pane

When you are looking at your record, you can see the most recent data about that person. This is available for both leads and contacts. You can access this pane:

  • By using the preview button in the Contacts and Leads List Views, Contacts and Leads sub-panels, and Global Search.sugarcrm hint
  • By selecting the Hint dashboard on Contacts and Leads record views.sugarcrm hint
  • While creating a new Contact or Lead record after providing their email address.sugarcrm hint

2. Update CRM with One Click

sugarcrm hint

Once this data is fetched, you don’t have to manually enter it into Sugar. You just click a button and it automatically updates that record for you. You can update individual fields one by one or update all the fields pertaining to that contact with all the fetched information at once.

3. Activity History

sugarcrm hint

If you’ve had past interactions, you can also see the activity history of that lead or contact. All your recent calls, meetings and emails are conveniently displayed in reverse chronological fashion. This way you don’t have to go through every individual module to keep track of these.

About SugarCRM Hint Data

SugarCRM Hint does not fetch data directly from sources such as Facebook and LinkedIn but instead relies on trusted third-party data providers that specialize in procuring and harmonizing data from various public and private data sources. Currently, Hint’s data is the strongest and most complete for individuals and companies based in the United States. In the future, however, SugarCRM will be adding new sources based in more countries for improved coverage and more kinds of data.

Pricing and Licensing

SugarCRM Hint is available for purchase all over the world. It requires Sugar 7.8 and above and is available for all SugarCRM Editions. It comes as a module loadable package and can be installed like any typical module. Once installed, it automatically adds the Hint panel and various associated fields so you don’t have to do anything in terms of Sugar customization.

It is available at $15 per user per month. It comes with unlimited data so there is no restriction as to how many contacts or how much data per contact you can sync in a month. You only have to purchase one Hint license for each of your Sugar licenses so it doesn’t matter how many of your salespeople will be using Hint.

The Bottom Line!

SugarCRM Hint offers a great return on investment by providing you with a lot of useful information at a very reasonable price. And it’s not just about data, Hint helps you realize more value from your CRM overall. It cuts down on manual entry, saves time spent on researching context and provides you with more information up front, so you can focus on interacting and engaging with your customers and start developing deeper relationships from the get-go.

Being a SugarCRM Certified Developer and Partner, Rolustech is your one-stop shop for all things SugarCRM. For any queries regarding SugarCRM Hint or for a FREE CRM Consultation Session, get in touch! We will be happy to assist you.