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Whether it’s managing customers, emulating business processes or boosting productivity, your CRM is only as effective as the people using it. Therefore, it’s essential that you and your employees are well-equipped to handle all the challenges that come with adopting a CRM solution. Fortunately, Salesforce has got all the bases covered with extensive support and training programs for both standard and premier users. Among the plethora of options out there, here are five Salesforce support and training resources that you just can’t afford to miss out on.

Trailblazer Community

Salesforce Support and Training Resources

The Salesforce Trailblazer community provides a great platform for customers from all walks of life to connect, learn and grow together. With millions of passionate members, the community is a great way to address common Salesforce problems and get answers to all your queries quickly. There are also collaboration groups that let advanced users exercise their Salesforce skills by helping new users get better acquainted with the Salesforce environment. For an even immersive experience, you can join one of the 700+ global community groups and connect with the community in person. There’s also a dedicated MVP community of more than 200 experts that is committed to the enrichment of the entire Salesforce community.


Salesforce Support and Training Resources

Trailhead offers fun and interactive learning modules for mastering Salesforce for beginners as well as advanced users. It lays down different ‘trails’ for Salesforce users, admins, and developers of varying skill levels and helps you choose the right path for you. Beginners can opt for a guided trail. Those looking for a challenge can train with projects based on real-world cases. Additionally, you are awarded points and badges to keep you motivated throughout your trail progression.

Salesforce Services Rolutech Offers

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Salesforce Documentation

The Salesforce help page provides extensive documentation for general Salesforce functionality as well as for individual Salesforce clouds. Step by step user guides and walkthroughs make traversing the entire Salesforce platform easier than ever. Filtered searches let you easily look up topics of interest such as Knowledge base articles, best practices, and specific guides.

Salesforce Developer Community

The Salesforce developer forums are your premier destination for all things related to Salesforce development. You can sign up and ask technical questions related to Apex Code and Visualforce development from over 4 million Salesforce developers and engineers. You can also subscribe to the Developer newsletter to keep up with the latest releases, best practices, and live developer events.

Salesforce Accelerators

Salesforce Accelerators enable Premier and Signature Success customers to connect and engage one on one with Salesforce experts to solve common problems and challenges. These quick collaborative sessions can be virtual as well as on-site. The Salesforce Accelerator catalog has something for every role, budget, and cloud, and is constantly being updated with new options to help you unleash the full potential of Salesforce, boost your team’s productivity and achieve greater ROI.

The Bottom Line!

Proper support and training are necessary for the mass adoption of CRMs like Salesforce and to help you get your desired ROI. We at Rolustech are proud to be Salesforce Consulting Partners and Certified Experts. The resources we just listed offer something for every kind of Salesforce user out there but if you require further assistance, our Salesforce development specialists have got you covered. We have extensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform and offer training for new users. Contact us today for your FREE consultation session!