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In a world where everything is a click away for customers, it is getting increasingly important for businesses to bring their services there too if they want to keep up. While most businesses have developed mobile sites as a step in this direction, that’s not quite enough given the kind of competitive environment businesses in today’s market exist in. So, what can they do to give their business that extra boost? Let’s take a look at how a custom mobile application can help!

Why Businesses Need a Custom Mobile App

Custom mobile iOS and Android apps are gaining momentum tremendously as businesses realize the efficacy of using mobile channels to reach out to and retain customers. However, before you jump into the details of how to make Android apps or iOS apps, it is important to understand exactly why they are necessary. The arguments in favor of getting a mobile application for any given business are countless, let’s highlight a few important reasons a business should go ahead and make the move!

Improve Customer Relations

With a custom mobile application, customers can interact with the business at any time and place and receive a uniform quality of service. A mobile application can provide customers with a single, trustworthy medium to buy from the business, leave feedback and receive prompt responses, and even track the progress of their business with the company, all completely on-the-go! This added convenience generally ensures a higher level of customer satisfaction, which in turn fosters loyalty to the business.

Expand Customer Base

In addition to providing businesses with the ability to give existing customers a superior service quality, a custom mobile app development also serves as an opportunity for them to expand their customer base through the right marketing techniques. Once a business attracts a new customer to their application through the right incentives, the chances of losing out on them to a competitor are significantly diminished since the application is dedicated solely to the business itself.

Better Project Management

A mobile app is not just limited to providing customer convenience, a custom mobile application for internal use can also allow for better management of ongoing projects and business progress tracking. A custom mobile application can provide business managers and employees with tools to measure performance, track progress through automatically generated reports and dashboards, and also quickly access important information anywhere!

Centralized Data Management & Security

Using a mobile application as a primary mode of engaging customers allows for all of their data to automatically be uploaded to a single database, which then acts as a central store of information where any updates get synched automatically to provide business managers and employees with up-to-date, accurate information for their decision-making processes.

That covers some of the many arguments for having a custom mobile application for a business. Let’s look deeper into the specific kinds of mobile applications; iOS and Android applications. Owing to the ubiquity of the two operating systems, iOS and Android application development are the primary trends in mobile application development. Let’s look into how the two compare and what some of the comparative benefits of Android applications and Android app development itself are.

Android vs iOS – The Age Old Debate

While it is always a good idea to have applications available for both iOS and Android, given their popularity, the debate ensues which platform to develop one for first. The eventual decision will definitely be based on the specific needs of the business in question, but here are a few reasons why it may be a good idea to start with Android app development!

Greater Market Share

Android, by far, has the greater global market share in smartphones. This is fairly obvious too, given the wide variety of phones that come with the Android OS compared to the limited range of products that come with iOS. This means that it is definitely more likely for a business to reach more people with an Android application as opposed to an iOS one.

More Flexibility With Features

Android is open-source, which means that the Android application development process is a whole lot more open to implementing unique functionality that does not necessarily have to conform to a given set of constraints. Consequently, apps developed in the Android framework have more possibilities for implementing features that cater to each business’s unique needs.

Ease of Development

In addition to its functional benefits, Android application development also provides for a more convenient development framework for developers themselves. Due to its simplistic and easy-to-grip nature, it is fairly easy for developers to make the most of the available features and conveniently provide the required functionality.

That covers all the benefits Android app development entails. Let’s move on to take a look at how the mobile application development process at Rolustech works.

Android Application Development Process

Rolustech has expertise in both iOS and Android application development. Our Android application development services help you create the perfect app to connect with android users and ensure you strike all the right notes when it comes to your mobile customer base.

Business Analysis

The process starts with a business analysis session that outlines clients’ Android app needs and requirements. This helps clients figure out exactly what they need out of their mobile app so we can lay out a plan to achieve that through experts who know how to make Android apps.

UI/UX Design

Following this, wireframes and prototypes are shared with clients to give them a visual representation of their intended mobile app so they can see exactly what their application will look like and how it will function.

Backend Development

Server Integration, API integration, and Store submission make up the crux of this phase. Mobile experts ensure that the Android application development progresses seamlessly into the Play Store straight to your end users. Additionally, if you are using a CRM Mobile app, you can stay ahead of your competitors by running your business on the fly.

Support & Maintenance

Delivering the application isn’t the last you see of us. We strive to make sure that your mobile app doesn’t run into any troubles or issues post-deployment with our Support and Maintenance services.

Over to You!

That’s all on the importance of Android app development in today’s market and how Android apps can make all the difference in making your business significantly more successful and, at the very least, organized and much more convenient for all entities involved!

Get the most out of mobile technology with Rolustech. Our Mobile Application Development Experts have extensive experience in cross-platform apps, native apps, and Sugar SDK; and can help you reach your users on their favorite devices. Get in touch for a Free Business Analysis now!