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Salesforce is widely regarded as a one-stop shop for all of your CRM needs, but what exactly does this mean? Salesforce has platforms to support and automate each aspect of your business process to make sure you can seamlessly provide quality service to your customers. Be it sales or marketing, Salesforce has got you covered. In the digital age, making use of a CRM could work wonders for eCommerce businesses. In particular, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the perfect tool to up your customer service game and take the user experience to the next level. Let’s find out how!

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

If we’re being as concise as possible, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is essentially a powerful tool that Salesforce provides to automate your marketing processes. This may not sound like much, but the implications of this are huge. To help you better understand how Salesforce Marketing Cloud features could be a game-changer for your eCommerce business development, let’s look into what Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers and how they can help your business.

Break Through the Noise with Targeted Ads

Customers today are inundated with information on social media. In the midst of this noise, Salesforce provides cutting edge technology that allows you to break through and reach your customers through personalized one-to-one engagements. The Marketing Cloud provides users with the required functionality so all it takes for some personalized interaction with any customer is a few clicks! Moreover, with Journey Builder and Content Builder present out of the box within the platform, you can now create the right content and reach your customers across all channels, be it email or social media, right from your CRM.

Understand Your Customers Through Einstein Vision

Einstein Vision is one of many Artificial Intelligence tools that Salesforce Marketing Cloud leverages to give you insight on customers that may otherwise have been impossible. With Einstein Vision, you can now detect your products in pictures on customers’ social media feeds. This is incredibly powerful information because it then allows you to tailor your engagement with each customer based on what they already have and what they might like. This means you can now understand your customers on a whole new level and serve them with targeted ads accordingly! The math thereon is simple; with ads that are tailored to a customer’s likes, conversion rates will definitely be much higher.

Provide a Superior Shopping Experience

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Commerce Platform allows you to build your website itself too, and it has the power to deploy it globally without you having to remake it for each different language or currency you require. This not only makes things incredibly convenient for you but also makes sure what your customers see is relevant to them. To add to the relevancy of the website content any given customer sees, Salesforce also provides built-in Einstein predictive sort, which ensures that a customer sees items they are likely to be interested in buying based on their online web behavior.

Serve Relevant Data-Backed Ads

The core of the success of any marketing campaign lies in the accuracy and relevancy of the data it is based on. Now, imagine being able to serve a personalized ad to each individual customer based on their likes and dislikes. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, this can now be a reality! Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s built-in Einstein allows you to serve ads to customers online based on their browsing history so they can see ads for products they would like! The implications of this are huge, customers don’t even need to be on your website to find products to buy, instead, you take the customers straight to them!

That’s not even all the marketing optimization Marketing Cloud brings. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connectors allow you to sync user data across the many tools Salesforce provides. Consequently, with the data Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connectors provide you, you can optimize email campaigns to reach the right people and with Einstein Engagement Frequency, you can make sure they hear from you the right number of times!

Prepare for the Future with Data Insights

We already know a CRM provides powerful marketing insights based on consumer data and past campaigns. But, Salesforce Marketing Cloud yet again takes it up a notch. Marketing Cloud provides a Data Management Portal that combines your CRM data with online web behaviors and brings all of this to you across all possible devices so you have any and all important customer information at your disposal at all times! Moreover, with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connectors, you can now integrate your sales, marketing, and service data in a single, unified source. Therefore, Salesforce Cloud implementation not only streamlines the decision-making process but, with all of the added insights, also makes it significantly more risk-free and allows you to make accurate estimates for the future. To make the implementation process easy, you can also follow a checklist. 

Automate Responses to Provide Immediate Customer Service

What’s one thing people hate? Waiting. That’s where the popularity of eCommerce comes from; no long queues, no traffic, no waiting. So, why make customers wait for a customer service agent to get back to them on any issues they’re having or any changes they’d like to make to their orders? Invoke real-time decision making from Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Automation Studio to orchestrate consistent next best offers, conversations, or messages using Interaction Studio. That’s not all, use Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence-based technologies to have Salesforce Einstein bots interact with customers and provide them with immediate assistance on anything based on all of the data the bot will already have access to!

Moreover, if you are in the B2B ecosystem, you can also leverage Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation to know your customers better, give priority to the right leads and optimize the conversion process.

Salesforce Services offered by Rolustech

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That’s a Wrap!

The benefits that come with implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud are a game-changer for eCommerce platforms and the way customer service works! In the increasingly competitive market that most businesses today operate in, this is exactly the edge they require to sustain and expand their customer base. The best part about this is that with the variety of Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrations that are possible, the only limit to how you utilize data is your own set of ideas on how to do so. It may not be exactly clear how groundbreaking this actually is right now, so it might help to look at a Salesforce demo for Marketing Cloud.

If the Salesforce Marketing Cloud demo is not enough, check out how one of the leading businesses in the world, Adidas, has made use of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud features to revolutionize its eCommerce platform!

The importance of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the many Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrations cannot be understated and everything we’ve outlined should serve as stepping stones for your organization to adopt this marketing automation platform by Salesforce. The gist of it is this; if you want your eCommerce platform to stand out, and your customers to know you for quality service, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the right choice for you.

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