Salesforce Commerce Cloud – A Whole New World for Personalized Customer Experience

salesforce commerce cloud

We’ve covered Salesforce’s ability to be a game changer for your business in many ways. Be it sales management or marketing, Salesforce has revolutionized the way business processes are optimized. The core of a CRM, however, is the customer experience and to that end, Salesforce has even more to offer. With the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, businesses can now enhance their customer experiences and serve them personalized content like never before. Let’s find out how! 

What is the Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Before we get into how Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud can help your business, let’s look into what it is. To keep it concise, Commerce Cloud is Salesforce’s cloud-based e-commerce platform that customers can use with their CRMs to take their customer service game up several notches. With the added power of Salesforce’s powerful Artificial Intelligence tools, Commerce Cloud serves to provide your website users with a highly personalized user experience that is much more likely to drive sales than a simple website that has your products or services on display. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes use of data and processes it to spread your commerce platform across the web, mobile, and even social media so your customers can get service any time, anywhere, through any mode they prefer. That’s not all either, with commerce cloud’s advanced tools, you are not just limited to gaining online traction, you can even build personalized experiences for your customers in-store so they can get the most out of their decision to choose your business. Let’s take a look at the features Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with to better understand how it achieves all of this.

What Can You Do With Commerce Cloud?

salesforce commerce cloud benefitsMobile

Take your business to your customers’ very fingerprints by going mobile! Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides a full suite of mobile-first capabilities, including responsive design, data-driven mobile UX, and one-touch payment, that allow you to make sure your customers can reach your business anytime, any place according to their own convenience.

Social Media in the Digital Age

Don’t just limit yourself to your own commerce platform. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can now extend your reach to the masses by merging digital commerce with social channels such as Instagram and Facebook so customers don’t even need to visit the platform to do business with you and can simply reach you through their social media accounts.

Empower Your Team With the Right Data

CRMs are all about having access to the right data quickly, and commerce cloud brings customer insights from your e-commerce platform straight to your customer service agents, and that too anywhere thanks to mobile CRM. Over-the-phone orders and check-outs can now be accelerated significantly with real-time access to digital storefronts and order history.

Help Shoppers Find What They Want

You can now optimize customer searches and make sure shoppers see the products that they are likely to be looking for by setting merchant rules that adjust for search intent and product profitability. Moreover, with the infamous Einstein, Commerce Cloud can also take into account shoppers’ social media and browser activity to determine what kind of products they’d be interested in and serve them content accordingly.

Salesforce Services Offered by Rolustech

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Boost Traffic

Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud helps you every step of the way. It has mechanisms built in it to help improve page rank, build traffic, and grow faster with SEO optimization that ranges from product categories all the way to the metadata for your web pages.

Get Personal With Einstein

The highlight of Commerce Cloud lies within Einstein, of course. There is no doubt about the fact that Artificial Intelligence has huge implications for businesses, and Salesforce is committed to ensuring it can leverage the power of AI to provide game-changing customer service solutions to businesses. With Einstein Product Recommendations, you can now tailor the shopping experience to each user according to the highly personalized product suggestions that Einstein churns out with every click. Einstein takes into account insights from customer history, social media activity, web behavior and more to make sure each customer sees a highly customized version of your platform that serves content that is relevant to them so your revenue skyrockets!

That’s not all, either. You can optimize your product bundles, sets, and deals with Einstein Commerce Insights, an AI-powered shopping basket analysis dashboard, and can, therefore, provide your customers with exactly what they need, when they need it. 

Let Your Search Reap the Right Results

You can now ensure your platform users are shown relevant, robust search results with Einstein Search Dictionaries, which resolves missing search terms through automatically generated synonym lists. Einstein’s intelligent search shows each shopper products tailored to them and, therefore, helps drive your conversion rates and revenue.

Go Global 

Salesforce is huge internationally, and with its help, you can be too. Commerce Cloud does just that in minimizing the risk, cost, and technical complexity of entering new international markets with its secure, borderless infrastructure. Moreover, it allows you to customize your platform to cater to the different customs, cultures, currencies, and languages across the globe too. So, you can now build personalized, convenient commerce experiences that can be organized by language, country, state, region, or city to cater to all of the diverse audiences your business is targeting. You can even manage all of your sites from a single unified platform to keep things easy for you!

That’s a Wrap!

It should be clear by now that Commerce Cloud is an incredibly powerful tool that can transform the way you interact with your customers. Commerce Cloud essentially just ensures that the experience your customers have with your business is entirely on their terms, just the way they want it. The bottom line is that satisfied customers drive business, and with Commerce Cloud, you can now be sure you are doing just that.

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