Why Salesforce Sales Cloud Is the Perfect Solution to Your Sales Management Woes

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There’s been a lot of talk about CRMs and how Salesforce is a one-stop solution for all of your business needs. What, then, is the Salesforce Sales Cloud and where does it come into the picture? Let’s find out!

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Simply put, Sales Cloud is precisely what the name suggests, a cloud-based system to organize your sales process. Salesforce Sales Cloud is part of the CRM system that Salesforce offers and has been created especially for salespeople to enable efficient bookkeeping and management of sales data.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful tool that structures your data to provide you with a centralized source so that you can access and update important sales data, quickly generate reports, and even coordinate with customers simply at the click of a button. In short, it automates your sales process for you. Let’s take a look at all the features that Sales Cloud has to offer!

Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Contact Management

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a complete view of customers, their activity histories, key contacts, customer communications, and internal discussions. In addition, it also allows users to gain insights on customers from popular social media sites associated with them, such as their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, all within Salesforce itself.

Opportunity Management

The Opportunity Management feature of Salesforce Sales Cloud allows you to track your team’s details and stay connected with the people and information that you need to close each sale. Sales Cloud allows you to see stages within the sales cycle, quotes, products, competition, and a whole lot more so you can stay up to date on each aspect of the sales process!

Lead Management

Salesforce Sales Cloud allows you to streamline the process of converting leads to opportunities by providing tracking mechanisms as well as routing mechanisms that enable you to assign leads to the right people and track their progress. That’s not all either! Owing to its cloud-based implementation, Sales Cloud also allows you to track the progress of marketing campaigns across all channels in the system.

Sales Data

Data.com allows automatic updates to and cleansing of the relevant sales data, to provide you with the latest, most relevant data. Sales Cloud also allows you to make more informed decisions through business-changing insights, and consequently targeting the right segments and customers. Users can also update data within Salesforce through a few clicks due to Salesforce Sales Cloud’s mechanisms for integrating updated data.


Why limit yourself to the office? Salesforce Sales Cloud mobile app allows you to manage all of your work in a single centralized place and that too on-the-go! You can do everything from viewing meetings and events, taking notes, generating reports, viewing progress dashboards, to connecting with your entire team, and sharing and accessing data from anywhere.

Workflow Automation

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can automate your entire workflow and automatically finish approval requests. Process Builder provides a simple interface that allows you to visualize and create any kind of complex sales process with automatic approvals and transitions between stages to make the sales management easier than ever!

File Sharing and Sync

Collaborating with teams is now extremely convenient with Salesforce Sales Cloud. You can share files with your team, update them anywhere, using any device, and ensure your data is always up to date through easy uploads.

Custom Reports

You can build reports using the simple drag and drop features entirely on your own and even update charts within reports on the same screen to make your record keeping neat and your data relevant. The fact that you can access these reports from anywhere is just an added bonus that keeps you equipped with the right information at all times to streamline the decision-making process.

Sales Forecasting

In addition to organizing your data and workflows for you, Salesforce also streamlines the decision-making process by providing forecasting tools within the CRM. This means you can now make more informed decisions, regardless of the complexity of your data or of the team itself, thus allowing you to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

That covers all the features of Salesforce, and while the benefits of implementing Salesforce in your organization are pretty self-explanatory, let’s discuss some of them in more detail!

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

We’ve seen all the cool features Salesforce Sales Cloud has to offer, and I’m sure by now you can think of quite a few of the benefits they entail, so let’s enumerate some of the key advantages of Sales Cloud.

Data Security

With the absence of a system, critical information is often cluttered across various channels such as excel, handwritten notes, and sometimes even mental notes. Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a centralized source of the most up-to-date customer information that can be relied on for accuracy.


Your system may seem to be working perfectly alright, but what about when your organization begins to grow? A Salesforce Sales Cloud System would grow with your expanding requirements seamlessly without you having to revamp entire management systems to cater to the growth.

Sales Cloud Reporting Features

Salesforce Sales Cloud eliminates the cumbersome process of finding and collecting relevant data and then combining it into reports for analysis and instead just provides you with the exact information you want.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Mobility

The mobile app gives you all the tools you need to close sales anywhere, anytime and break free from the constraints of having to wait to be in the office to get work done.

Salesforce Customization Features

The system is configured according to the unique needs of your own business, so you don’t have to be inundated with redundant features. Check out how you can get Salesforce customization to make the most of your CRM!

Decided this is what your business needs? Here’s a breakdown of Salesforce Sales Cloud pricing to help you finalize your decision!

Salesforce Industry Solutions Offered by Rolustech

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing

Salesforce Sales Cloud pricing varies by edition. There are a total of four editions of Salesforce Sales Cloud and the pricing of each is determined by the features it includes. The four editions are Salesforce Essentials, Lightning Professional, Lightning Enterprise, and Lightning Unlimited. We already have a detailed analysis of Salesforce Sales Cloud pricing on the website, but let’s briefly look into how each of them differs.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials, priced at $25 per month, provides all the features that let you collaborate across your company, bring everything to a mobile app, as well as a limited amount of features that allow you to customize and automate processes, get real-time sales insights, manage your leads and customer details, and connect sales information with other applications.

Lightning Professional

Lightning Professional, priced at $75 per month, provides all the features Essentials does, as well as all the features that allow you to connect sales information with other applications, find and manage your leads, and also a limited number of features that allow you to extend your Salesforce system to your partners.

Lightning Enterprise

Lightning Enterprise, which is the most popular Salesforce Sales Cloud edition, is priced at $75 per month, and it provides all the features Lightning Professional does with the addition of the complete set of features that Salesforce comprises of, including the Artificial Intelligence based insights that Salesforce provides.

Lightning Unlimited

Lightning Unlimited, priced at $300 per month, offers all of the features that Enterprise does along with unlimited training, support, custom applications, and a whole lot of sandboxes for testing!

Wrapping It Up!

That covers everything there is to Sales Cloud. It is clear now that Sales Cloud is an essential tool to enhance any given sales process since it not only equips salespeople with more resources at their disposal but also adds a lot of structure to each aspect of the process to make it much more simple.

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