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salesforce customer portal

You’ve probably heard loads about the immense benefits that implementing Salesforce in your organization entails; it streamlines workflows, provides mechanisms to efficiently monitor and track progress, and generally makes several aspects of the business process much more convenient for your employees, which in turn enhances the experience they provide to your customers. But, is that really all a CRM can contribute to customer experience? Let’s find out!

Salesforce not only provides you with an abundance of features to optimize your business processes but it also provides you with a mechanism to bridge the gap between these processes and the people involved in them, including your customers. How exactly does it do that, you might ask? By providing salesforce customer portals that are essentially a user interface that links users directly with the business process that they are the most important part of. With Salesforce customer portals, referred to as communities, you can provide your customers, employees, and even partners with an online tool that they can use to directly manage their business with you without having to go through any intermediaries. While there are certain standard Salesforce customer portals that you can choose from, there is also the option of getting your own custom portal created so you can provide your end-users with the best of your specific services! The benefits of customer portals are fairly obvious, but let’s outline a few of the added benefits of a Salesforce customer portal to see what they could mean for your business.

User Convenience

With customer portals, everything from placing an order, to tracking it and giving feedback is one login and a few clicks away for customers. With a custom client portal, you can make sure that you can customize the available functionality on the portal so customers can choose from specific options that cater to your specific business features. This makes doing business with you very convenient for your customers and, thus, encourages them to come back for more!

Similarly, Salesforce portals designed for employees and Salesforce partner portal for partners make things much more convenient when it comes to interacting directly with your business. The efficiency in terms of time and personal interaction also make custom client portals a great choice for aspiring businesses.

Brand Development

A custom customer portal with a design that conforms to your overall theme and logo encourages brand recognition in customers, thus allowing them to be able to discern your business for future references. This, combined with overall positive customer experience, can allow your brand to grow significantly. Combine Salesforce Lightning with an amazing custom client portal to drive user experience to a whole new level.

Personalized Customer Service

You can customize the way in which customers can leave feedback on your services and also customize the way in which they are responded to based on their profile information and activity, thus allowing for a more personalized experience for users that makes them feel more involved with your organization.

Improved Recordkeeping

When customers, employees, and partners are all directly updating information on the portal, there is no need for human intervention in the maintenance of records since the portal is built on top of the main SalesforceCRM database. This means that these portals allow accurate, up-to-date and, in the case of custom portals, relevant information to always be easily available.

These are just some of the many benefits that using a custom client portal could reap for you. The bottom line is, a Salesforce customer portal allows you to make the most of your Salesforce CRM by extending the system to your customers and partners, so they can interact with you at their convenience. Intrigued? Take a look at some of the many ways businesses have gotten their Salesforce portals customized by Rolustech!

The Possibilities with Custom Portals

The possibilities of customization in Salesforce client portals are countless and depend solely on user requirements. For instance, in one case, we implemented a custom dashboard that allowed an organization’s customers to track their progress on a portal that used an application to match them to other people based on the information they provided.

Salesforce Customer Portal

Similarly, in another portal, we provided customers of a finance organization with the option to keep track of their information and also upload single/multiple new files of data to their portal.

Salesforce Customer Portal

In addition to portals for customers of organizations, we have also created a portal for employees that allows them to organize and structure their work through a dashboard that shows current workflows of projects and allows tasks to be delegated accordingly.

Salesforce Customer Portal

This isn’t all! The possibilities with custom Salesforce portals are endless and depend only on the specifications of how your business functions and what you need customers and/or employees to be able to do.

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