SugarCRM Acquires Salesfusion: Key Takeaways and What It Means!

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Salesforce and Salesfusion

SugarCRM has made its second acquisition in less than 3 months by bringing Salesfusion under its umbrella. A marketing automation platform, Salesfusion targets mid-sized businesses to solve their marketing needs and requirements with consolidated funnels, tracking metrics, and automated lead nurturing strategies.

Announced today, Salesfusion adds a whole new dynamic to SugarCRM and gives them the tools to properly explore and grow their marketing automation side of operations. With new leadership at the helm and a solid investment, SugarCRM has wasted no time in showing that the focus for 2019 lies on growth and expansion.

“We spent the last three or four months doing a fairly intensive market scan and dealing with a number of the possible opportunities, and we decided that Salesfusion was head and shoulders above the rest for a variety of reasons” – CEO Craig Charlton told TechCrunch.

We went ahead and took a look at Salesfusion. Here’s a breakdown!

What is Salesfusion?

Salesfusion is a comprehensive marketing automation platform with a variety of tools designed for B2B companies. Targeting mid-sized businesses, it provides integrated email campaigns, lead scoring, and website tracking/analytics to help companies get a holistic view of their customers for more meaningful engagement. But the most interesting thing at Salesfusion is more than just its features, it’s how it’s structured to mirror the traditional CRM database. This allows a near seamless field mapping when you integrate Salesfusion with a CRM. Using it in combination with SugarCRM now presents a number of benefits in terms of productivity, efficiency, and ROI.

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Features of Salesfusion

  • Add a channel for Sales and Marketing to exchange lead data and information
  • Score leads and send personalized messages through Salesfusion
  • Easily integrate with CRM and different third-party marketing platforms or otherwise
  • Understand leads on a granular level and nurture them through automated processes
  • Built for B2B companies with simplified processes and intuitive UI

SugarCRM and Salesfusion: What It Means!

Good things, of course. Personalized customer experience through efficient data analysis is how companies are growing and with this smart acquisition, SugarCRM has substantially increased its offerings to its customers. Imagine if you could predict what your customers need and target your efforts to give it to them when they want it; that’s what you’re getting with a SugarCRM integration with Salesfusion. SugarCRM is keeping things secret and is a little vague about what features it plans to roll out with this acquisition. There are, however, some details as to what users can expect:

Personalized Experiences

Going by what we have so far, SugarCRM intends to combine Salesfusion with Sugar to give its users a powerful platform to dig deep into their customer behavior and target them with things they want or need. This can mean a lot of things i.e. avenues for recurring revenue, meaningful customer interactions and more information on your end so that you can give your customers a personalized experience.

The Best of Two Platforms

There’s no doubt that Sugar is the best open source CRM platform in the market, and Salesfusion has cemented itself as a competitive marketing automation platform with enterprise-level features. Combining the two presents a perfect recipe for companies to succeed in their sales and marketing goals.

New Out of the Box Features

With Salesfusion in play, expect future versions of SugarCRM to go all out on new marketing automation features and functionalities, giving other platforms a run for their money. Customizing your CRM to work with a third-party platform can pose a number of problems but that’s not an issue when you opt for Salesfusion with SugarCRM.

Key Takeaway!

SugarCRM is making serious strides in new avenues and aggressively exploring new business opportunities as it works to solidify itself as the No. 1 CRM platform in the world. With 2 acquisitions already under the belt in a Gmail integration platform and Salesfusion, don’t expect things to slow down. Watch this space as we bring you new updates on Sugar and how you can leverage SugarCRM for your business with custom workflows, modules, and more!

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