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There is no doubt that several benefits ensue Salesforce Implementation in your business organization. However, there is only so much that the desktop version can do for you confined to the office, especially if you have active sales and support teams who spend most of their work hours in the field. But you can leverage the most out of your CRM with the Salesforce Mobile App.

This mobile CRM contains many of the features already contained in the desktop version and has potential for more. Hence, Salesforce Mobile CRM is gaining much popularity due to the problems it solves. As an industry leading CRM platform, Salesforce offers most of the features one can ask for in its mobile CRM. Therefore, there are a number of benefits to be leveraged from the Salesforce Mobile App. Of these, those listed below are just five belonging to a longer list of benefits. Once you have implemented the mobile version of Salesforce, the only step left to reap most of its benefits would be to train your sales team in using it.

1. Sales Pitch Personalization

Salesforce Mobile CRM allows the sales team to access the Salesforce database, from any location and at any time. Therefore, the sales team can access all the relevant information that is stored, and use it to personalize their sales presentations. This sales pitch personalization ensures greater chances of success as compared to using a default sales pitch for every lead.

2. Easier Access to Information

In the case where the sales team has already been personalizing its presentations without using mobility features of the CRM, Salesforce mobile CRM would add efficiency to the sales processes by making all the relevant information available on its fingertips. Therefore, rather than going to the office first to gather all the required customer data, the sales team can start visiting customers directly, without losing the advantage of making an informed sales pitch. Therefore, time will be saved from cutting down on redundant processes, making more time available to meet more leads and opportunities. This, in turn, leads to improved ROI.

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3. Availability of More Accurate Information

Mobile CRM allows data to be entered into the CRM as soon as it is acquired. Therefore, when the sales team does successfully close a sale won on the move, that information will be entered into the CRM promptly. Hence, the CRM will be up-to-date with the latest information, that too, in real-time.

4. Improved Functionality

There is much potential, through CRM integration with third-party apps and software, to reap certain benefits of Salesforce, which otherwise would not have been possible. One example can be of integrating the Salesforce mobile app with document signature applications, which might assist the sales team in getting customer signature for new agreements on-the-spot. Other examples of increased functionality, enabled through the use of devices such as smartphones or tablets, include using the camera of the device for taking photos or scanning bar-codes. Consequently, a number of processes can be carried out using CRM on mobile devices, potentially without the need for additional hardware or components. However, the assistance of CRM development experts as well as Salesforce support would be required in order to realize such potential benefits.

5. Offline Mobility of Salesforce

The benefits of mobile CRM mentioned above have been provided assuming availability of the internet, whether it is through Wi-Fi or cellular data. However, would these advantages still hold when there is no internet available? Salesforce also offers offline features for its mobile version of CRM. Therefore, any data gained can be stored in the Salesforce mobile app, using the internal storage available in the mobile device. Once internet access has been made available, the mobile CRM will automatically update the information stored on your Salesforce platform.

Key Takeaway!

Salesforce has helped numerous organizations achieve a higher level of efficiency and customer satisfaction. However, there does remain the need for remote access to this customer database. Salesforce has catered to this need by introducing its mobility feature, especially for sales representatives and service technicians who are constantly on-the-go. Apart from catering to the common need of CRM access, the Salesforce mobile app offers much more, and that too, without any downsides. Moreover, if you are looking for Android App developers for a custom business app, Rolustech has got you covered!

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