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It’s Spring time and we’re here with the latest Salesforce version that touches upon a number of different areas in the Salesforce ecosystem. By now, the Salesforce Spring ‘19 release has made its way to all Salesforce users and we have a good idea of all the new stuff that came with it. One thing to note is that all the new features in the Salesforce Spring ‘19 release are exclusive to Salesforce Lightning. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that Salesforce itself has reiterated on multiple occasions that Lightning is the future for Salesforce. So if you’re  looking for an all inclusive Salesforce experience, shift to Lightning now.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the new features in Salesforce Spring ‘19.

Pin List Views

You can now pin default list views in Salesforce with this new release. Simply select the view that you wish to see by default and “pin” it. The same process works if you want to change your pinned views, simply “unpin” an object and pin another. The Pinned List View is a simple but amazing upgrade to Default List Views. Previously, in order to categorize the objects that you want to see by default, you had to create a seperate tab to achieve that. But now with Pinned List Views, you can get the default list view functionality without the need for an additional tab.

More Space for Data Storage

If you did a comprehensive analysis of Salesforce users and their used storage space, chances are most of them would be closing in on 100%. This is because the basic Salesforce Cloud storage per user is 1GB. 1GB is not a small storage space but depending upon the kind of industry vertical cloud you’re operating with and the scale of your business operations, this 1GB number could quickly become too little to handle your needs. Salesforce realizes this and starting in March, the storage space for all Salesforce users will jump up to 10GB. Sounds like a big sigh of relief for all those Salesforce users who require customized Salesforce objects and processes.

Clone Sandbox

Sandbox can officially be cloned now with Salesforce Spring ‘19. You can clone sandbox of the same type with all the custom objects, customization, and data. Emphasizing on “same type of sandbox” because this feature restricts the cloning on a sandbox to that of the same type. A developer sandbox can only be cloned into a developer sandbox. A developer sandbox cannot be cloned into a full sandbox.

Flow Builder

The Flow Builder has a whole new look and functionality in the Salesforce Spring ‘19 release. It now allows you to create highly complex and customized processes that are similar to Apex code, without needing the user to write any code himself.  Simply set variables, collection variables, and formulas to be on your way.

Print Views

Print records with ease now with the printable view screen in Salesforce Lightning. While viewing a record, simply click on “Actions” and you can find this feature inside. Clicking on “Printable View” will take you to a preview screen where you can make changes (hide/show sections) before moving on to the printout.

Email Templates now in Folders

Now you can group your email templates in folders in the new Salesforce Spring ‘19 update. A complete hierarchical structure is in place that lets you organize your email templates on a number of variables and use access controls to provide permissions to specific people.

Over to you!

It’s clear that Salesforce has focused on user experience with the Spring ‘19 update, with most of the added functionalities not being standalone features, but enhancements of existing features inside the Salesforce platform. This new Salesforce update will undoubtedly improve efficiency and productivity for users across the board, but only if you’re on Salesforce Lightning.

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