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salesforce philanthropy cloud

The newest edition to Salesforce takes the phrase “Giving back to the Community” to a whole new level with the Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud. It is handled directly by, the social enterprise branch of Salesforce that empowers educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Salesforce partnered with United Way, the largest nonprofit in the world, to create this new Salesforce Cloud platform, and aims to connect people and organizations with the causes and missions they support.

The Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud is built for two types of organizations, companies and nonprofits. Let’s dive in and see how each of these is different and how this attempt by Salesforce to invest back into the community fares over all.

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud for Companies

The Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud for Companies aims to engage and motivate employees into giving back to the community. Through the Philanthropy Cloud, employees across the world in various workplaces can contribute to more than 1.8 million non-profit organizations in the GuideStar database. Depending upon the causes they support, employees can use the GuideStar database to find what they like and can contribute to it. They can create personal profiles that track their contributions; and since the Philanthropy Cloud platform serves as an add-on, it works independently and profiles can be transferred from one Salesforce CRM to another. The Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud also uses Salesforce Einstein and AI features to personalize profiles and recommend nonprofits that align with the user’s causes.

Moving on from employees, organizations as a whole can also manage grants and contributions through the Salesforce Philanthropy platform. The platform comes with a degree of personalization in this regard as well and hence organizations can choose their methods, receipts, and reporting processes for their donations.

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Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud for Nonprofits

This coin has a flip-side to it as well. The Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud can be used by nonprofits to monitor and oversee their donations. They can also organize and manage crowd funded campaigns and volunteering activities. As part of the Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud, nonprofits are automatically included into the GuideStar database and can then receive donations from the many Salesforce users who choose to contribute.

Philanthropy Cloud vs Nonprofit Cloud: What’s the Difference?

Not to be confused, because there’s considerable difference between the two. The Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud is an add-on product created by Salesforce through a joint effort with United Way. Whereas the Non-Profit Cloud is a full-fledged Industry Vertical Cloud that is tailor made to help Nonprofits organize, monitor and improve their business processes. The Nonprofit Cloud includes custom objects and workflows that are synonymous with the operations and business requirements of a not-for-profit organization. If you’re a Nonprofit organization, you can choose the Salesforce Cloud for Nonprofits to maximize your ROI and opt for the Philanthropy Cloud add-on to register yourself on the GuideStar database and start receiving donations from Salesforce users across the world.

Our Two Bits!

If you’re an organization that can’t quite figure out which NGO to support or can’t find a way to consolidate your employees volunteering efforts, then Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud is just what you need. With it’s simple and intuitive interface, it handles all these aspects for you to streamline your philanthropic activities.

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