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Given the unique and arduous challenges that Nonprofits face, it really becomes crucial for a centralized system to be in place that can help them carry out all their functions effectively and leave a lasting impact. Whether its managing funds, donors, or volunteers, the importance of CRM cannot be overlooked.

We have already discussed the benefits of a CRM for Nonprofits at great length. Today, however, we will revisit this with a special focus on the Salesforce platform and how its solutions and initiatives can assist your nonprofit strive towards its mission.


Since its inception, SalesforceCRM has been on a mission to empower Nonprofits of all kinds through quality cutting edge solutions at affordable prices. From local social welfare organizations to multinational NGOs and foundations, Salesforce has catered to over 30,000 Nonprofits globally and has helped them gain a 360-degree view of their organization. Salesforce also has a dedicated Salesforce Cloud for Nonprofit Organizations. Through such philanthropic efforts, Salesforce has enabled Nonprofits to optimize fundraising, improve donor retention and thus create a lasting impact.

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) tailors Salesforce to better suit the needs of Nonprofits. It effectively provides them with a comprehensive, scalable and industry level solution that helps them manage programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters conveniently. The NPSP does so by adding pre-built constituent and donor management components on top of a flexible, open data architecture. Salesforce with NPSP comes equipped out of the box to help your Nonprofit manage, collaborate, communicate and conduct fundraising more effectively. Its capabilities can be further extended through Salesforce integrations with the plethora of apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Moreover, Salesforce releases a new version of the NPSP every two weeks. All of this is backed up by a global community of developers, fellow users, and organizations that have helped Salesforce build the NPSP from the ground up and collaborates in efforts to continually improve this vast ecosystem.

The ‘Power of Us’ Program donates 10 free Salesforce subscriptions in perpetuity to any eligible Nonprofit through the Power of Us program and offers deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, services, training, and Salesforce events. This is a $ 20,000 per year program that you are essentially getting for free. Moreover, the Power of Us Hub is the ultimate location for Nonprofits to find Salesforce Training Resources and engage with one another and Salesforce community MVPs. For eligibility, your organization must be recognized as a charitable, nonprofit, or non-governmental organization in the country where you are located.

Pricing Comparison

Eligible Nonprofits can avail the Nonprofit Success Pack with either the Salesforce Lightning Enterprise Edition or the Lightning Ultimate Edition. The table below summarizes the prices of various available Nonprofit Salesforce editions and compares them with standard for-profit Salesforce licenses. (Read more on Salesforce Pricing)

Pricing for Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP)

  • Lightning Enterprise Edition – $150 per user/month (Billed Annually)
  • Lightning Enterprise Edition + Nonprofit Success Pack – $36 per user/month (Billed Annually)
  • Lightning Unlimited Edition – $300 per user/month (Billed Annually)
  • Lightning Unlimited Edition + Nonprofit Success Pack – $72 per user/month (Billed Annually)

Salesforce Customization and Configuration Services

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Why Salesforce for NonProfits?

With Salesforce implementation, the Nonprofits have seen commendable results in all its functional domains. What’s better than seeing all your endless efforts reap greater benefits? The facts and figures according to this Salesforce survey validate our claim. Quite impressively, it is estimated that Salesforce has helped Nonprofits enhance their capability in achieving the organization’s mission by 89%. Nonprofits that use Salesforce CRM can see an increase of 23% on the marketing Return on Investment (ROI) rate. They can also cut down the cost per dollar raised for funds by 17% with the Salesforce CRM platform. We understand donors play a critical role for any Nonprofit organization and the employees work day in, day out to raise and retain donors. With Salesforce, you can exponentially increase productivity and output in this regard.

Through Salesforce Nonprofit CRM, you can also do efficient time management to streamline all your activities – this can result in an estimated 24% increase in donor retention. Moreover, if you are worrying about engaging the stakeholders, heave a sigh of relief. Through Salesforce implementation in your day-to-day tasks, the constituent’s engagement can rise by 36%, as the survey estimates the response rate of constituents to go up by 49%.

By this time, you must be thinking how all this is possible through Salesforce Nonprofit CRM. Read on to find out more about the different ways in which these Salesforce features will boost the growth and impact of your organization.

Fundraising Campaigns Won’t Be A Hassle Now

We understand that it’s quite frustrating to see all your fundraising efforts go to waste if the response turns out to be substandard. Through different features that Salesforce offers, you can easily collect donations online through your website and customize the CRM to save and integrate relevant data. The Salesforce Nonprofit CRM can also be tailored to categorize the donors while executing your fundraising activities. You can implement Salesforce Custom Integration for efficient management and better results.

Marketing Campaigns Will Be Easier

In present times, there are many marketing channels ranging from social media to traditional platforms. It gets overwhelming to manage all these channels as you connect with your audience and potential donors. However, Salesforce CRM is here to make your marketing efforts efficient with excellent progress tracking features. Social media presence plays a vital role in conveying the message of your organization to the masses. Therefore, you can increase engagement by managing your posts timely.

Email Marketing Will Yield Better Results

Email is regarded as a universal form of communication. After putting so much time and effort to design the email so that it is opened by your constituents, many teams are disappointed when they don’t get the desired results. This can be due to a number of issues including email template design, email content, or maybe some problem in the recipient list. The perfect solution for all these problems is a Salesforce Nonprofit CRM. It will help you to design engaging email templates and automate the entire process so you can also track responses. Moreover, the Salesforce CRM will come in handy if you use direct mail because it will help you fasten the process through unique workflows.

The Best Way To Manage Your Constituents

Yes, you read it right. The Salesforce CRM is the best way to manage all your constituents as each supporter is important for the organization to promote its cause and get funds. At times, there is a lot of data and it’s time-consuming to maintain the profiles of supporters. Since Salesforce highly values the Nonprofits, it has rolled out some amazing features. One such option is the web-to-lead feature that will automate the data from online forms into a lead profile; it also keeps on updating if any new request from the designated user is generated. Moreover, as financial restraints are a big hurdle for any Not-for-Profit organization, you don’t need to hire an IT expert to manage all the data of your constituents. The Salesforce CRM is pre-configured for better donor management and to accommodate all the fundraising needs of your organization. You can also easily add custom fields and relationships to make the best use of the CRM.

Event Management With Salesforce Is Smoother

Fundraising events are a crucial part of any fundraising campaign and it’s important to manage all the events smoothly. Be it a small scale event or the annual fundraiser, we understand that you try your best to make sure that there aren’t any logistical issues. However, last-minute glitches always find a way and result in disappointment. A feasible solution to these unforeseen circumstances is to use Salesforce Nonprofit CRM for your event planning and management.

Whenever an event is around the corner, simply set up a microsite in your CRM and manage the registration process by generating different ticket types along with tracking the unique sessions. You can also connect it to your e-store to offer add-on merchandise. To make the events an enriching experience for your guests, you can also empower them by providing customizable event agendas and the option to share the events on social media. As your organization strives for continuous improvement and growth, Salesforce implementation helps to up your game by getting customer’s invaluable feedback through the CRM.

Track Progress With Customizable Reports And Dashboards

The Salesforce Nonprofit CRM comes up with several well-built tools for reporting, so you can make sense of the big data and use it for achieving your goals. For Nonprofits, it isn’t unusual to have long lists of donors that need to be managed and is your go-to when planning to raise funds. The report-making feature enables you to maintain the records and track the new donor leads because it automates the process.

Through customizable reports, it’s a breeze to interpret data and incorporate the results to further solidify your strategies. No doubt, you need to have a clear view of how your organization is performing to move further towards your mission. The Salesforce CRM offers the feature of making dashboards to present data in an interactive and simple way. All in all, this will show you the crux of all your ongoing activities. Thus, you can have a thorough analysis of where your organization stands and leverage the Salesforce implementation to grow and excel.

The Bottom Line!

Salesforce’s innovative offerings at compelling prices make it a terrific option for Nonprofits. The NPSP offers you standard features essential to get any nonprofit up and running and with additional Salesforce Customization, the platform can be extensively tailored according to your unique needs and preferences. Moreover, help is only a click away with the plethora of available Salesforce Support Options.  

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