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In efforts to simplify how Salesforce users interact with data, the Salesforce Analytics team has further expanded the Salesforce Einstein Analytics platform with a new feature called ‘Conversational Queries’. Conversational Queries, as the name implies, allows users to type in phrases or questions related to their data and it instantly returns answers summarized in dynamic bar charts. Thus, it sort of behaves like Siri or Google Assistant on your smartphone except that it uses text instead of speech for user input, for now.

Conversational Queries – How Do They Work?

Salesforce Conversational Queries

As you begin entering words and phrases, Einstein Analytics automatically suggests relevant queries best suited to your data and, thus, helps facilitate the process of structuring the question. This makes the process faster and more efficient by reducing chances of error. Once the question is asked, Einstein Analytics automatically determines how it relates to the available data and proposes the best way to visually represent it. The user can also scroll through other options in the Suggested Charts panel to change the visualization based on their needs.

Complete Visual History

Salesforce Einstein maintains a thorough visual history of all your queries that lets you conveniently traverse across your entire conversational pathway. In this way, you are never lost and can easily roll back along your trail of thought when drilling through your data.

Collaborate With Ease

This new feature aims to put the average business user in the driving seat when it comes to extracting actionable insights from their data and creating intuitive charts to represent them. The need for middlemen like data analysts and scientists would be minimized and collaboration would become more streamlined and efficient. With Conversational Queries, anyone can get rich insights from their data by simply asking a question.

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The Bottom Line!

It is quite remarkable how this natural language interface can help users simplify and optimize their data interactions. More important, however, is its potential to empower individuals who may lack the technical wherewithal for handling business datasets but know the right questions to ask. Conversational Queries is definitely a step in the right direction but, when it comes to complex natural conversations, it’s still got a long way to go. Hopefully, Salesforce will continue to build upon this exciting feature in its future releases.

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