Make Your B2B Marketing Process a Breeze with Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation

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We all know Salesforce is a game-changer for customer service. It has revolutionized the way businesses market themselves, handle sales, and manage each aspect of the business process, all of which translates into a seamless customer experience. That’s not all though. Salesforce understands that businesses that sell to other businesses differ in their marketing approach and that is why Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a specialized B2B Marketing Automation tool, Pardot, to ease the process of reaching and retaining customers for them so they can focus on the specifics of their marketing strategy to close leads. Let’s find out how Pardot does that!

Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot

The Power of Einstein

Know Your Customers

The powerful Salesforce Artificial Intelligence tool is every bit as intelligent as the person it is named after. Einstein knows who each lead is, what organization they are coming from, and what they’re looking for based on their web behavior and profiles. This means Einstein makes sure that you have the right information and a personalized pitch ready for when you reach out to them. That’s not all, with Einstein bots, you can now have leads interact with bots that already know exactly what the leads want (based on their behavior) and can reach out to them with solutions that match their needs! Moreover, with Salesforce Einstein you can also leverage conversational queries to understand and provide better results to the customers. 

Prioritize the Right Leads

Einstein doesn’t just secure leads for you, it also scores each lead based on predetermined factors so you know which leads are the most important to your business. This means that the leads you need to prioritize will always be at the top of your dashboard and you will never miss out on any important updates from them!

Optimize the Conversion Process

Since Salesforce Einstein now prioritizes your leads for you, all you have to do is make sure you do the work to convert them to customers and Einstein can help with that too. It provides suggestions on the appropriate way to proceed with a particular lead based on the interactions they’ve had with the business and data that Einstein has on them. That means you can now optimize the conversion process with more than just your own brain dedicated to the task!

Data Analytics to Track Your Progress in Real Time

Track Your Progress

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot provides each person on your team with customized dashboards according to their work so they can track their progress on a granular level. And that’s not all! Salesforce understands that the success of a B2B sale may often lie in whether the end-customer of your client adopts what you’ve sold. For that reason, Pardot also provides the option of having a dashboard that allows you to keep track of the adoption rate of your product or service after it has been sold.

Speak to Your Data

The power of Einstein comes from data and extends all the way back to it too. With Pardot’s AI-backed search, all you need to do is tell it what kind of data you’re looking for amongst the abundance of information there is to see it. You can even ask Einstein to perform any kind of statistical analysis you want on it so you don’t have to work yourself up over the math!

Bring Sales & Marketing Together to Drive Leads Home!

Pardot integrates with Salesforce to provide you with a single, unified source of information where you can keep track of the sales process, and how the marketing process is driving the said sales process. This Pardot Salesforce integration is particularly useful in the context of B2B businesses because the two processes are more closely linked than in B2C organizations and it actually provides top management with a mechanism to gauge the efficacy of marketing efforts in closing sales and make adjustments to the process accordingly.

Pipelines to Show You Where Each Lead Is in the Conversion Process

Pardot provides real-time pipelines that show you exactly where each lead is in the sales process so you can keep track of what needs to be done to help them move along the pipeline and eventually close the sale! The automatic reminders that Pardot sends as well as the variety of other processes it automates for you serve to further streamline the process.

That’s all there is to the powerful features that Pardot boasts of. The benefits these features entail are countless, let’s list a few of them now!

Benefits of Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot

Better Knowledge of Leads

Salesforce’s emphasis on making data available and Pardot’s added Artificial Intelligence-based features mean you can now know your leads better than ever, which makes it all the more convenient to convert them to customers and drive your business to newer heights!

Access to More Leads

Pardot email marketing, customized forms, and integrations with SEO and SEM programs all allow you to expand your leads pool and engage more people. This means that you will inevitably have more business opportunities and the possibility for expansion with the greater access you have to leads.  

Faster Sales Cycle Through Pardot Marketing Automation

Everything from Pardot email marketing all the way to real-time interactions with leads can be automated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot. This allows you to save a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent doing relatively redundant work that doesn’t directly have a positive impact on your sales cycle and the productivity of your sales team reaches new levels entirely! The added benefit that with a Salesforce mobile app, your team can work from virtually anywhere just adds to how powerful Pardot can be for your sales process.

Calculate Marketing ROI to Make Informed Decisions

The greatest benefit of having all of your data in one place and being able to generate reports of all sorts based on it is that it is easier than ever to determine the efficacy of the activities that generate this data. This means you can calculate the return on investment on your marketing processes and make informed, data-backed, and relatively risk-free decisions on how to proceed with existing strategies and devise new ones.

Salesforce Customization and Configuration Services

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Key Takeaways!

That covers some of the immense benefits a Pardot Salesforce integration could entail. To sum them up, with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your sales team by allowing it to work side by side with the Marketing team and then also monitor the results in real-time to make appropriate adjustments and provide quality customer service to the organization you are selling to! The advantages of this are clear, and the fact that the Pardot Marketing Automation tool makes sure to take into account and provides mechanisms to maximize the benefit your product or service provides your customers makes it a must-have for your B2B business.

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