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salesforce summer 19 update
It’s that time of the year! Summer is here and that means so is Salesforce’s Summer ‘19 Update. With a wide range of improvements and added features, each update only reinforces Salesforce as the leading CRM in the industry. The Summer ‘19 update is no different and we’ve summed up the highlights of what this release has to offer so you know exactly what you have at your disposal with a Salesforce implementation.

So, What’s New?

Lightning Experience

With this release, Salesforce is introducing Lightning Experience, which is a completely reimagined interface that is built on Salesforce’s UI platform. This means your user experience can grow and evolve as your business does.

Transition to Lightning Experience

Salesforce has enabled Lightning Experience for all organizations and has also introduced several helpful tools to help make the transition manageable.

Dialer, Chat, Messaging, and More in Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce is now open to even more functionality with add-ons such as Dialer, Chat and Messaging, and increased storage. In addition to this, you now have the option to import Opportunities using the Data Import Wizard to bring your ongoing deals to Salesforce. Furthermore, you can also embed automated tasks within your website or help center, and even recommend the next steps to your team when working with customers.

Salesforce Einstein Updates

Salesforce’s very own Artificial Intelligence tool, Einstein, is now stronger than ever. You can now set up and test bots much faster and that too with fewer utterances by optimizing customer interactions. Moreover, you can use Data Checker to set up your predictions for success and improve your decision making processes with added support for quarterly forecasts and data segments.

Marketing Cloud for Your Customer Experiences

Marketing Cloud is the premier platform for creating personalized customer experiences by leveraging data from any source. With Marketing Cloud, you can now plan and optimize unique customer journeys based on your business objectives, deliver personalized content across every channel and device at precisely the right time, and measure the impact of each interaction on your business so that you can optimize your approach to marketing your business in real-time and deliver better results.

All New Features to Elevate Your Sales Process

There’s a lot more that you can do to make your sales process seamless now. For instance, you can now link scheduled sales to map complicated sales processes, see a complete view of your activity data through Activity Metrics in Einstein Activity Capture, customize product schedules to support more complex sales processes, devise more intelligent pricing with CPQ Einstein Pricing Guidance, and optimize your campaigns through Einstein Campaign Insights.

Service Routing and Other Improvements

With added mechanisms to make sure the customer service you’re providing is top-notch, this release cements Salesforce as a game-changer for quality customer service. You can now review and monitor Einstein Bot dialogs in a visual map, and use new smart routing features to ensure bot conversations make their way to the right experts. You can also set up skills-based routing with ease through an easy-to-use, interactive setup screen. Moreover, you can be more efficient than ever with added features in the Field Service Lightning dispatcher console, including a pop-out map, long-term Gantt view, and new drag-and-drop scheduling options.

Self-Service in B2B Commerce

You can now even change the way B2B Commerce is typically done and build self-service branded e-commerce storefronts that enable retailers, wholesalers, or distributors to purchase goods or services from your brand. B2B Commerce is a managed package that simplifies online buying with features designed for business-to-business use cases. The features it provides range from the ability to deliver custom catalogs and complex product configurations to account hierarchies, contract pricing, reorders, and much more.

Salesforce Services Offered by Rolustech

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That’s a Wrap!

That covers the highlights of what’s new in the Salesforce Summer Release. With each new release, Salesforce only continues to reinforce its position as one of the leading CRM solutions in the industry. Using the most cutting-edge technologies and making sure they are employed to optimize business processes to the fullest, Salesforce has made its mark as a powerful tool that can contribute to your business’s success significantly.

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