The New SugarCRM: Here’s Everything We Know About Summer ‘19

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Your favorite CRM just got a major upgrade. Over the past few months, SugarCRM has been busy revamping things within the company and we’ve all been wondering what’s to come. Well, with SugarConnection 2019 only days away, SugarCRM has finally begun to announce some of the changes that will be coming. We expect a complete unveiling to be the crux of the SugarConnection events, but here is a quick overview of what we know about what’s happening so far.

The Branding

It seems SugarCRM has fully reinvented itself as a brand, right down to its logo. The new SugarCRM logo has already made its way to the website, which has also undergone changes on its own. The result is a fresh color palette and a neatly segmented and easily navigable website.

The logo and website are just the tip of the iceberg, though. SugarCRM’s rebranding goes beyond cosmetic changes and extends all the way to the very functionality Sugar is capable of providing with the introduction of some immensely useful new customer experience management tools.

Customer Experience Takes Center Stage

Over the past several months, SugarCRM has made several important acquisitions, including those of Collabspot and Salesfusion, that have all paved the way for SugarCRM to move towards improved Customer Experience. (CX) In the words of SugarCRM CEO Craig Charlton himself, Sugar is looking to “fundamentally change the way businesses utilize CRM” and that is exactly what the advent of SugarCRM’s new portfolio of customer experience management apps aims to do.

SugarCRM has announced three new products that are built on its CX platform and that serve to ensure businesses can formulate life-long relationships with customers by being able to anticipate their needs, provide fully personalized service accordingly, and streamline processes to ensure customers become and stay the focus of the business. The applications are available immediately and each one caters to one of the three main aspects of any business; marketing, sales, and support. The portfolio currently comprises of:

Sugar Market

Sugar’s marketing automation tool that allows you to reach and keep track of customers throughout the lead capturing process with intuitive campaign builders, lead nurturing capabilities, and advanced reporting tools.

Sugar Sell

Sugar’s award-winning sales solution that has changed the way businesses personalize the lead conversion process with advanced functionality that enables users to track and monitor sales activities, map customer journeys, and automate workflows.

Sugar Serve

Sugar’s customer service solution that ensures customer issues are prioritized with efficient case management and resolution mechanisms.

Sugar’s New Pillars

So, Sugar is changing the way the brand looks and is adding major upgrades to its offerings. That’s pretty big news.

But wait, there’s more!

What better way to reinvent yourself than to redefine the very foundations you’re built on? That’s exactly what Sugar is doing with its three pillars. In a press release on July 31st, CEO Craig Charlton announced the foundational principles that SugarCRM is building its value proposition on, its three pillars, which span:

Intelligent Customer Experience Platform

This encompasses utilizing data to create a consolidated customer data model that can provide key information that is relevant at all times. This is the foundation on which the portfolio has been built.

No-Touch Information Management

This pertains to providing users convenience in entering information so they can focus their time on achieving better results.

Continuous Cloud Innovation

This covers using cloud-based technology to its fullest to bring users the most durable and ever-lasting solution to manage their businesses.

Given what Sugar has already announced, we can’t wait to see how it will build upon these pillars to provide innovation in the CX realm, but the wait won’t be too long since SugarConnection is where all will be unveiled! So, stay tuned for more information as we bring all the latest happenings from SugarConnection San Francisco to you straight from the event.

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