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Salesforce Cloud Implementation Checklist All You Need to Know

Salesforce Cloud Implementation is simple and easy. As you head to manage your business challenges efficiently with the Salesforce platform, it is imperative to have a proper implementation strategy. This involves a number of stages, so you need to have the right information to make the best out of it. Yes, Salesforce has the potential to be a game-changer for your business. But, how do you make this happen? We know that it takes a lot of courage and research to make a B2B decision (we understand how difficult it can be). To ensure your Salesforce Implementation is a success, here is a checklist of steps that you need to take for your Salesforce platform to run successfully.

salesforce cloud implementation checklistDevelop a Plan

Before you begin the implementation process, plan it out well. This is the initial stage and will involve collating data regarding your business goals, key performance parameters, and resources at your disposal.

Be Fully Prepared

The next step is to prepare for the implementation of the Salesforce Cloud. At this step, you should be sure that all the stakeholders are on the same page. Moreover, there should be proper resource allocation to get things done timely and efficiently.

Getting Executive Buy-In

Have you communicated the value of your initiative of Salesforce Cloud Implementation at all leadership levels, and across the teams? Get the executives on board but keep your users in mind as they should have the tools they need at their disposal to adapt to this change. Check out our Salesforce Training for more on this. 

Setting the Goal

To have the right Salesforce implementation methodology, define a strategic vision and set up realistic goals. Later, you can break it down into smaller goals. This strategy will help you to track the implementation process. Moreover, it is always a great idea to convey the goals to all the teams in your company. 

Organizing A Team

For successful Salesforce Cloud Implementation, you need to have a team with the required expertise in the Salesforce Platform. The right team makes the work easier from ideation to implementation. Hence, it is imperative to keep in loop the project managers, system administrators and the trainers. Ideally, you should have experts from different business units in your organization.

Data Clean-up

For your Salesforce Cloud to run seamlessly, it’s important to analyze your old data and clean it up accordingly. This opportunity can also be utilized to track and review all the important data to improve your business performance.

Data Migration

After cleaning up the data, it is ready to be imported into your Salesforce Platform. Moreover, you can leverage data migration to Salesforce to optimize your business processes for enhanced productivity.

The Implementation Approach Should Mirror Your Business

Now that you are through the pre-implementation stages, you need to determine the right approach for Salesforce Cloud Implementation in your business. Usually, there are two approaches: Waterfall and Scrum.

If you want your project to be implemented in a sequential manner, then the Waterfall Approach is right for you. But, if your business activities are monitored on a regular basis, then the Scrum Approach will work. To make sure the Salesforce implementation process is running smoothly, the Project Managers can conduct a meeting once a week or whatever the situation deems necessary. This also ensures that the new functionalities are added to the implementation process when required. However, it is up to you to decide which approach better suits your projects.

Set A Broad-Based Timeline

As it goes, time management is imperative for running all your business processes seamlessly. We suggest you set a broad-based timeline for Salesforce Cloud Implementation. This can be further broken down into the features that you must have and could have for your Salesforce Platform. You can also prioritize your tasks by calculating the time and effort required to meet the project deadlines.

CRM Customization

After planning out your Salesforce implementation process, you need to be clear of your approach, resource allocation and goals. Once this is determined, the next step is to customize Salesforce according to your requirements and set it up. However, the caveat here is that you shouldn’t overly optimize your CRM. In case of an over-configuration, there is a chance that it frustrates the end-users or the system fails. Therefore, it is important that you strike the right balance and chalk out a well thought out strategy to track your customizations. 

User Training

After your Salesforce CRM is successfully set up, it is time to add the users. You can train the users to better equip them with the functionalities of the platform. In time, you can incorporate feedback from your users and further optimize your customizations.

Ensure User Adoption

Wasn’t Salesforce Cloud Implementation easy? You are at the last step now. Just enable the users and that’s all you need to do to set your business up for exponential growth. However, at this crucial point, you need to ensure end user adoption. There are multiple ways to do it such as gamification of the platform as it can be used to reward those that use the platform diligently and strike interest in others. 

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The Bottom Line!

Now that you have a checklist for your Salesforce Cloud Implementation, you are all set for utilizing the Salesforce Platform to transform your business. Moreover, you can also leverage the best Salesforce implementation methodologies in an organization to make your CRM implementation project a huge success.  As a result, you will see your teams performing better and more efficiently, and it will also reflect in increased customer satisfaction. Just follow these steps and it won’t be difficult to implement Salesforce. 

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