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Salesforce Alternatives and Competitors A Battle of CRMs

Salesforce is an industry-leading CRM since many years. Just like it adds value to its customers, Salesforce CRM is recognized for being highly innovative to adapt to the increasing business challenges. However, the story doesn’t end here as you can find a lot of Salesforce CRM alternatives in the market. While some companies offer better pricing and others highlight their best features, it is always better to have a sound idea of what the market is offering. A lot of questions arise. What are the best Salesforce CRM alternatives? What makes them the top competitors of Salesforce? Are any of these CRMs a viable alternative to Salesforce CRM? How do they compare to Salesforce and what sets apart the industry leader? .

Everyone has their reasons to why they may be looking for an alternative to Salesforce. Whatever your reasons may be, we have gone that extra mile and compiled a list of Salesforce’s biggest competitors so you don’t have to. Let’s explore some Salesforce CRM alternatives and competitors in the market so you can make the right decisions for your business.

What to Look for in a Salesforce Alternative?

You may realize that you need an alternative to Salesforce but picking the right CRM solution is the next main problem. Every business requires a different CRM strategy thereby bringing us forward to the second most important question: what should you look for in a Salesforce alternative?

There are 3 top features you should keep an eye out for:

1. Reporting and Analytics

The basic requirement of every business is to have a reporting mechanism and a need for analytical data. Customer relationships are maintained by making good data driven decisions, something Salesforce allows but sometimes makes complex for teams to understand. Whereas, Salesforce alternatives can provide more simplified yet in-depth insights. This comes in handy when tasks are time sensitive and teams are looking for reports and dashboards to deliver better and faster results.

2. Customization

Customization plays a significant leading role throughout the entire process of marketing and sales management. The better a company is able to personalize communications to more value it creates for customer’s experiences. No doubt the customization Salesforce provides is amazing but adding new customization options can get expensive, something every organization is not able to afford. Whereas, Salesforce alternatives have a range of budgets you can choose from to make sure you do not overspend when it comes to marketing and communication campaigns.

3. Customer Support

When choosing the perfect CRM software for yourselves it is important to look at the aspect of customer support. The ability to cater and maintain relations with existing customers and create relations with new customers is a major success factor for any business. Salesforce does an impressive job by aiding you in providing good customer support, but again the same issue lies, the costs it adds to your business.

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Top Salesforce Alternatives

It’s a good idea to know all the options you have on your plate so you can compare CRMs to see which best fits your organization. Here we have for you is a Salesforce vs other CRMs analysis as follows.


salesforce crm alternative sugarcrm

SugarCRM vs. Salesforce has always been a hot debate. No wonder, both CRMs provide a wide range of functions that can help your business reach for the stars. Sugar has a broad applications as it is highly responsive to the needs and requirements of businesses across different industry verticals. 


With Sugar, all your customer-facing processes will be streamlined, and you can deliver at your best throughout the customer journey. It helps in automating marketing and sales activities through forecasting, analytics and reporting. You will see an increase in employee productivity and employee engagement with Sugar, as it will facilitate in breaking down the workflow silos.  Along with this, you can also integrate Sugar with third-party applications for better management of your processes. As SugarCRM cares about their customers, they have a support portal as well. You can take this opportunity to be a part of community forums, webinars and online training classes etc.

Zoho CRM

salesforce crm alternative zoho

If you are looking for the top-ranked CRMs, there is no way that you won’t see Zoho CRM on the list. And we tell you, this one is an attractive option. This is because its pricing model allows you to test the CRM usage for your organization without taking big risks. 


The Zoho CRM is well-built and has all the features for a small scale business, that too for free! This makes it a good Salesforce alternative for small businesses. With it, you won’t have to worry about workflow automation, reporting and analytics. Adding to this, it has some other features as well such as contact management, social collation, lead gathering and lead conversion. Yes, Zoho CRM will help to boost the productivity of your company.

However, it’s usage is limited to small organizations as it does not offer customizing options as compared to its counterparts. Moreover, users find it difficult to navigate through the CRM because it involves a lot of steps to perform a task. Currently, it is apt to say that if the user interface of Zoho CRM is improved, it has the potential to take over the market. This will require the addition of customization options and better customer support channels.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

salesforce crm alternative microsoft dynamicsAnother Salesforce alternative is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With an approach that customers are happy with you as long as you give them what they want, Microsoft CRM approaches customer relationship management quite differently.


Talking about the software itself, it has a whole lot of features. You can buy it as a service on the cloud in an on-premise package. Microsoft Dynamics can be accessed offline and is well-integrated with other Microsoft products including Office 365. Moreover, it has multiple dashboards with built-in automation and marketing tools. It is easy to use and there is a step-by-step guide for onboarding. The best part is that it offers comprehensive automation features with easy integrations, thus making it the right fit for large organizations. However, on the downside, a steep learning curve is reported by the users.


Salesforce CRM alternative SuiteCRM

Another alternative to Salesforce is SuiteCRM. Being free and open source, it has the features of a complete CRM platform. Isn’t it amazing? You can leverage SuiteCRM to streamline your business processes and get actionable insights into your consumer’s behavior.


SuiteCRM facilitates in managing different accounts and keeps a track of all your leads. With SuiteCRM implementation, your organization will see a boost in sales. You can also track performance through analytics and take the benefit of reporting tools. It is powerful, easy to use and has a lot of customization options. Moreover, you can unlock the potential of SuiteCRM through different integrations and plug-ins. All in all, SuiteCRM is a strong competitor of Salesforce. 


KeapA CRM that does all the jobs well and efficiently. Keap is a centralized solution to all your customer management problems. It tackles everything from sales to eCommerce and content management. Hence, it won’t be an overstatement to call it a jack-of-all-trades. 


A CRM alternative to Salesforce, Keap is a comprehensive marketing tool for businesses. Its offers a wide range of features that will smoothly take you through the customer lifecycle management process and help to improve your customer relationships. With Keap, onboarding is easy as they offer personalized trainings and continuous support to provide their users with the best solutions. All in all, Keap is a well-built CRM that will facilitate in streamlining your business processes. As users say, it is quite smooth to use once you get the hang of it. It is also given a higher score by the users in terms of task automation in marketing, project management and billing processes.  

Infor CRM


Another Salesforce alternative is Infor CRM. This is a one-stop solution for your business during the entire sales process. 


As you use Infor CRM, you will see an exponential increase in customer satisfaction. It is an innovative technology that takes care of different customer touchpoints. Moreover, it provides a 360-degree view of all issues and aspects related to your customers and leads. With Infor CRM, you won’t have to worry about different indicators such as customer attention and customer loyalty. Therefore, its potential to exponentially improve customer relationships makes it a good alternative to Salesforce. 

Salesforce – How is it the Industry Leader?

Salesforce CRMBeing an innovative company, Salesforce introduces game-changing technology every year. This makes it stand out among its competitors. Salesforce thrives to improve its CRM in various aspects and all business functions. So, be it the usage of social media for marketing or incorporating artificial intelligence through Salesforce Einstein; the Salesforce CRM will leave you amazed. As you try to explore its features and applications in your business, you will realize that Salesforce is a true leader in the CRM industry that caters to various industry verticals. Thanks to its cutting-edge approach to innovation and its ability to always provide its customers with the very best in the market.

To back up our claim with data, a recent study shows that 32% of Salesforce clients saw improvement in their overall customer experience. Moreover, 57% of customers have reported an increase in productivity with the usage of Salesforce CRM. These are just a few statistics which show that Salesforce CRM will provide proven ROI. As each business has its own needs, you can use Salesforce Customization to leverage the CRM for maximum growth in your company. Hence, despite a wide range of Salesforce similar CRM platforms in the market, Salesforce triumphs them all with its constant and unwavering commitment for improvement and innovation in Client Relationship Management software.

Over To You!

Now, as there are a lot of Salesforce CRM alternatives, you might be tempted to go for other options. However, you have to be smart here. To help you, here is an example. Consider a free CRM such as Zoho. So, if you have a small business that does not involve complex processes, Zoho might be a fair alternative for you. But, as you will scale up your business, it won’t be a suitable option. On the other hand, Salesforce allows scalability and promises innovation– taking into account all business phases from startup to a large enterprise. When you’re making a decision on which CRM to choose, pick Salesforce if you’re thinking long-term towards a seamless experience. If you’re still starting out, then one of these free and affordable Salesforce CRM alternatives can help you hit the ground running.

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