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5 Ways CRM makes Every Employee a Customer Expert 1

The success of an organization is fuelled by the quality of services it provides to its clients and is determined by the level of its customers’ satisfaction. Hence, it is extremely significant for companies to deliver great customer service and enhance customer experience by converting every employee of the corporation into a customer expert.

The grind of dealing with customers is not confined to the front-line staff only in today’s competitive business environment, it is a task performed by every employee and on a daily basis. If you run a customer-facing business, you must have realized the need for a comprehensive system that not only aligns your strategic business plans but also helps your employees during customer interaction across the major business functions including sales, marketing, and support.

CRM caters to such business needs and empowers companies to inculcate customer management skills into their employees while fortifying them with all the required tools, aiding them in delivering the best of their services. CRM empowers employees in 5 magical ways which have been discussed as follows.

1. Consolidates Information in a Single Unified Interface

CRM consolidates customers’ information, interaction details and purchase history at a single unified interface that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. This unified interface provides every employee with instant access to deep customer insights and proposes smart search systems in which the whole detailed information about a contact can be accessed just by filling out one information field. With up-to-date information in hand, every employee can handle customer queries and deliver best-in-class customer service.

2. Serves as an Assistant

In order to be a customer expert, the first priority should be attending each and every scheduled activity. CRM helps in this regard too and serves as an assistant that actively maintains a “To-Do list” for you. This “To-Do list” is automatically populated through synchronization with multiple sources such as Google Calendar, web portals, and social networks, etc. helping you stay on top of your schedule by keeping track of all the activities performed and planned.

Other than actively maintaining the “To-Do list”, CRM software sends you reminders and notifications so that you don’t miss out on any of your customer interaction. Setting reminders and data synchronization with multiple platforms are essential features of a CRM system which help raise the bar for customer service.

3. Enriches Personalized Experiences

Today’s customer is educated, enlightened and privileged in terms of having more alternatives than ever before. Hence, given the degree of choice available to customers today, only personalized services can meet customer demands. In order to offer bespoke services to your customers, you need to understand them first. Knowing the demography of the customer is not enough. One has to be cognizant of the psychography and sociography of his customers to help him understand customer needs, interests, attitude, values, activities, personal profile, and passion. For example, football clubs have peak seasons when it becomes all the more important to deliver excellence in customer experiences and increase fan engagement. This is when CRM for the sports industry can help in delivering experiences tailored as per the expectations of the fans.

4. Enables Multi-Channel Handling

There has been a boom in the number of communication channels in the past few years eliciting the need to tap into them. For that purpose, companies have expanded the scope of functionality within customer service and support by using various social media networks. Today, social media is being used as the ultimate tool for interaction with customers. Your customers exist everywhere, particularly on social media networks, and driving glean insight about product conception from these digital communities not only helps in customer dealing but is also a way to project a good image of your brand.

With a CRM system, you don’t have to navigate through multiple channels to know what your customers are talking about your service or product. Customize your CRM system to pull data from multiple sources to the CRM interface and handle the queries or words of your customers which are prevailing over social networks. Now, you can handle everything from within the CRM system while building authentic customer engagement.

5. Helps Deliver Quick and Quality Response

Quick response has become a confidence builder and can also act as a competitive advantage for businesses. The statement “time is money” stands legitimate, especially in the case of customers who have spent their hard-earned money in your business and don’t feel like spending their time waiting for your service.

Customers, today, are impassioned and demand quick responses. CRM’s seamless integration with virtual tools such as Twilio, MailChimp, Asterisk, RT GSync, and Marketo, etc. can result in a robust customer support solution that can auto-respond to customer queries to some extent. This is possible while employees are also facilitated in quickly looking into the initially drafted case and in composing good quality customer responses, which are pivotal for the substantial growth of an organization.

Remember! Good quality customer Service can cultivate long-term relationships with customers. So make every employee of your company, a customer expert.

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