What Is SugarCRM Used For? Sales, Marketing and Support Functions

What is SugarCRM Used for Sales Marketing and Support functions

In today’s ultra-competitive market, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has acquired a unique position. As CRM is a treasure chest of information, it allows organizations to build deeper, meaningful relationships with the customers.

This is why smart organizations are now investing their time and energy in CRM to gain a competitive edge in the market. With the help of a CRM, businesses can easily manage all their customer relations more effectively – build loyalty, generate leads, gain insight into customer decision making and deliver a seamless customer experience with integrated business processes.

Considering this, SugarCRM integrates equally well with Sales, Marketing and Support platforms of a company, ensuring that the business is well connected with its customers on all fronts. Integrated marketing, sales, and support activities result in positive customer experiences, leading to robust business growth. Let’s get started to see what makes SugarCRM the best CRM for small businesses. 

SugarCRM for Sales:

Businesses can enhance the power of their CRM system by integrating a robust tool with SugarCRM. Sales teams access customer information throughout the day which makes sense to centralize it at one place.

As the goal of a business is to convert leads and generate revenue, SugarCRM tracks your new and existing business leads, converts these leads into opportunities and relates these new opportunities to the accounts, contacts, and employees in charge of selling to those accounts.

This allows your sales team to follow up with a newly created lead instantly. This also increases the likelihood of closing deals faster as the sales team has customer data on their fingertips.

SugarCRM for Marketing:

With the help of SugarCRM for small businesses, marketing teams can reach out to more customers in less time with no manual effort. The customers’ data is present in the central dashboard of CRM which makes it easy for the marketing team to access customer insights and the target audience. With the simplified data presentation and communication system, it becomes much easier to carry out marketing activities and campaigns.

This means that SugarCRM will provide important business functionalities such as email marketing, target market, social media management, and much more. The Social Media Metrics, such as Sentiment, Influence, and Overall Reach, will allow businesses to determine the level of engagement with its customers.

SugarCRM for Support:

As customers lie at the heart of your business, it has become imperative to adopt a customer-centric strategy for the business. The integrated multi-channel approach of a CRM enables companies to better understand each channel journey, helping them identify what works most effectively and efficiently.

As the customer support team has access to customer data, they are well-equipped to cater to the needs and requirement of the customers. The accessibility of customer data in SugarCRM enables the support team to respond most effectively to customer queries.

With the help of SugarCRM Support, Customer Feedback measures, such as Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, Customer Loyalty, can be used to determine customer satisfaction. Moreover, these customer metrics can help businesses determine the behavior and preferences of their customers with ease.

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