Salesforce vs SugarCRM Pricing [INFOGRAPHIC]


So you’re reading this post, do you know by the time you finish it many businesses around the world would be disrupted in many ways?  Many of them would decide to close down and others to fundamentally alter the way they operate? So what is the reason that most of them are facing this disruption?

Let me tell you: Most of these businesses are fundamentally flawed in one sense; their businesses are built around the motive of profitability and growth and may be even providing great products and services. But what they lack is one thing: their business strategy is not centered on customer experience management. And for this purpose many realize that having a robust CRM solution is their best bet to survive and compete.

Chances are that you already have a CRM strategy implemented across your business platforms. If not, trust me you are soon going to be looking at a viable CRM solution for your business to remain relevant in your industry. But here is where the whole story gets a little tricky. Which CRM solution should you adopt? Would you adopt the one which majority is using and simply jump the bandwagon? Or would you assess the whole market and find a solution which fits your organization like a glove.

When you look for a CRM solution, Salesforce is bound to come up- given they have a good marketing presence online. They will also promise a great pricing model to you. But would you take their word for it or do some research yourself?

(Check out complete blogpost On the Hidden Costs of Salesforce & SugarCRM)

Here is exactly where this post comes into play. I have created this helpful infographic for you which takes into account the recent Forrester survey and shows comparative analysis of Salesforce with SugarCRM. I assure you that after going through this infographic you’ll be able to make an informed decision on your future CRM strategy. Spending 2 minutes on this infographic can save you from spending thousands of dollars on hidden costs later.

 hidden-costs-salesforce-vs-sugarcrm (1)

For more on SugarCRM, check out our website to get started or contact us here. If you have any experience at all with CRMs, you’ll be able to get the hang of SugarCRM in no time at all.

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