The difference between CXM and CRM ?


CRM – Customer Relationship Management is a term that describes the strategies and technologies used for managing an organization’s interaction with its customers, both current and potential. The purpose of SugarCRM was to benefit an organization by allowing them to better understand their customers. For instance, by focusing on the marketing strategy, sales analysis and technical support businesses were able to comprehend who their customers were.

However, creating a platform for interaction using SUGARCRM was just the first step to managing customer relationships. The next step that companies need to take is known as SUGARCXM – Customer Experience Management which is often mixed up with CRM due to its similarity in terms of basic functionality, that is, to keep a track of all the interaction between a business and its customers. But in reality, CXM is rather different from CRM.

While the CRM software looks at customers in terms of statistics, CXM takes more of a qualitative approach. CXM tends to concentrate on the customer as an individual and the significance of providing the customer with a consistent experience at every point of contact with the business. CXM encourages a business to take into account the perspective of the customer when making a decision. As a result, CXM allows a business to provide a more customized experience for its customers by keeping a track of their preferences.

Thus, CRM comes after the experience and CXM works hard on anticipating it.

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