Sugar and WordPress Integration

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About WordPress

WordPress is perhaps the most widely used website creation tool available. According to Kinsta, it powers more than 29% of the websites on the internet. That means one-fourth of all websites on the web are likely powered by WordPress. It is an open-source software that has grown into a huge community of contributors and developers, making it the most popular solution when it comes to website creation.

However, a lot of business owners who use WordPress for their websites fail to take advantage of the innovative features offered by WordPress. Luckily, for Sugar users, this is no longer going to be the case.

Why integrate with SugarCRM?

As highlighted before in the Alfresco integration with SugarCRM blog, the ability to visually enhance its capabilities by integrating with any third-party software is one of the defining features of SugarCRM. So it’s only fitting that an integration with the biggest open source website development tool in WordPress should be a thing, and now it is.

Sugar and WordPress integration opens up a wide range of marketing and communication opportunities. Today, we will outline the advantages of integrating Sugar with WordPress in terms of business process automation, marketing strategies implementation, and communication flow streamlining. Read on to see how this integration can do wonders for your organization.

Lead Generation

A SugarCRM plugin, at its core is an integration of SugarCRM and your WordPress website. It engages and analyzes visitors on your WordPress website and converts them into contacts in SugarCRM. This gives you an overarching view of the kind of people looking at your website and gives you insights about your target audience, customer habits, and customer behaviors.

Web-to-Lead Form

Create leads and opportunities in SugarCRM when visitors fill a form on your WordPress website. Data from these forms goes straight to the SugarCRM Leads, Contacts and Opportunities modules to be analyzed and acted upon from within SugarCRM. This helps to streamline processes that would otherwise take up a chunk of your time.

Segmented Data

Not all visitors on your WordPress site are looking for the same information. With a custom Sugar and WordPress integration, you can gain access to advanced customer data with behavior information and other actionable analytics. You can also view information such as which pages generate more interest among visitors.

WooCommerce Integration

If you use WooCommerce plugin to sell products online, you can provide better customer service to your users by getting a customized WordPress & WooCommerce integration with Sugar. With a WooCommerce and Sugar integration, you can track your sales and payment data efficiently and effectively. You can also make direct calls to relevant customers from within Sugar and send mass emails to groups of customers based on their history. There are no limitations, of course; if you’re looking for other e-commerce platforms to integrate with Sugar, that can be done too.

User Activity Tracking

Keep tabs on your contacts’ behaviors and interactions with your web pages and save this in Sugar. Leverage this information to engage them with personalized messages, reducing bounce rates and boosting conversions. This also gives you an insight into what’s working and what needs a face-lift in terms of your web pages.

Custom Form Designs

Create new forms with customized layouts, fields and functionalities. Leverage the simple but feature-rich WYSIWYG builder that lets you take complete control of the creative process, and maintains your brand style, reflecting your identity throughout the forms and making sure you stand out from the crowd.

Page Statistics

View performance of individual pages with regards to user interests. SugarCRM gives you a complete overview of all the data related to your website. You can view the number of visitors and see a trend of optimal time. You can view highly valuable stats such as which pages are sending the most leads to your SugarCRM and more.

Upgrade-Safe Features

Whether you opt for a plugin that integrates WordPress with Sugar or a customized integration service, it is important to ensure that the integration is upgrade-safe. Luckily, both WordPress and Sugar allow for the development of easily upgrade-able features.

User-Specific Access

Not all your Sugar users require access to all WordPress features. With a customized SugarCRM integration with WordPress, you can ensure that only assigned users are equipped to influence changes on your WordPress site via Sugar.

The Bottom Line

It’s pretty evident that these two are a match made in heaven. WordPress gives you complete liberty in creating the website to suit your needs and SugarCRM gives you complete access to the kind of insights and data brackets you need to organize and grow. Additionally, you can also use wordpress plugin for SugarCRM to leverage the visitor information and streamline interaction with them in real-time. 

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