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With over 27% market share, WordPress is the most popular website development and content management system in the world. It offers many customization options along with valuable insights into the nature of incoming traffic. However, a lot of business owners who use WordPress for their website fail to take advantage of the innovative features offered by WordPress. Luckily, for Sugar users, this is no longer going to be the case. Sugar and WordPress integration opens up a wide range of marketing and communication opportunities. This blog entry will explore in detail the advantages of integrating Sugar with WordPress in terms of business process automation, marketing strategies implementation and communication flow streamlining.

Web-to-Lead Form

Creating leads and opportunities from your WordPress website visitors is as simple as developing a form on site where users can be prompted to fill data in different fields. Data from these fields go straight to Sugar Leads, Contacts and Opportunities modules which can then be analyzed and acted upon by Sugar users.

Segmented Data

Not all visitors on your WordPress site are looking for the same information. With a custom Sugar and WordPress integration, you can get access to advanced customer data with behavior information and other actionable analytics. You can also view information such as which pages generate more interest among visitors.

WooCommerce Integration

If you use WooCommerce plugin to sell products online, you can provide a better customer service to your users by getting a customized WordPress & WooCommerce integration with Sugar. With a WooCommerce-Sugar integration, you can track your sales and payment data efficiently and efectiveely. You can also make direct calls to relevant customers from within Sugar and send mass emails to groups of customers based on their history.

Customized Form Designs

With a customized Sugar and WordPress integration, you do not have to rely on developers indefinitely to create new forms. The highly customizable nature of WordPress and Sugar allows you to create new forms with customized layouts, fields and functionalities. This can be done with simple drag and drop builders that require no programming skills. You can choose from a long list of customization options that allow you to take control of the creative process.

Upgrade-Safe Features

Whether you opt for a plugin for Sugar and WordPress integration or a customized integration service, it is important to ensure that the integration is upgrade-safe. Luckily, both WordPress and Sugar allow for development of easily up-gradable features.


User-Specific Access

Not all your Sugar users require access to all WordPress features. With custom integration of Sugar and WordPress, you can ensure that only assigned users are equipped to influence changes on your WordPress site via Sugar.


Page-Specific Stats

One of the most important features of integrating your WordPress site with CRM is to be able to view performance of individual pages in terms of user interests. You can view highly valuable stats such as which pages are sending the most leads to your Sugar.

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